Omari Douglas in Doctor Who? It’s A Sin star reveals the truth

Omari Douglas Doctor Who

From the stars of It’s A Sin to Michael Sheen, there’s a long list of actors being considered to replace Jodie Whittaker in Doctor Who.

Whittaker’s final appearance as the Doctor came in the last series of Doctor Who, Flux, which ended earlier this month. In 2022, three specials will be shown, the first of which aired on New Year’s Day.

David Tennant, Matt Smith, and Peter Capaldi, the previous Doctors, all left the show after three seasons.

Omari Douglas Doctor Who
Credits: BBC

Former showrunner Russell T Davies will return to the series as head writer in 2023 for the show’s 60th anniversary, bringing the show’s new star into the fold at an exciting time.

The comeback of Russell has also given rise to the rumors of him getting actors from his hit show It’s A Sin to Doctor Who. Omari Douglas is one of those actors, and he has spoken out about speculations.

Douglas is best known for his role in It’s A Sin, a British television miniseries that depicts the life of gay men during an HIV/AIDS breakout in the United Kingdom between 1981 to 1991.

Omari Douglas Doctor Who

In an interview with The Face, he denied that he would take up the renowned role of Doctor Who any time soon, but added that “it would be an honor” if he was asked.

“I’m 100 percent sure I’m not!” he said when the possibility was put to him. “Would I like to be? It would be an honor. When all those things started popping up in the tabloids, it was an honor to be seen as someone who some of the fans might think would do a good job.”

iNews also reached out to Russell to know if there was any truth in the rumors, “STOP IT! That’s cheating,” Davies teased, before going on to praise Douglas as the perfect leading actor – “He’s just got everything you need in a leading actor, he’s fearless and limitless. And stays great fun, even when the subject matter is tough. We had the works with Omari [in It’s a Sin] – sex scenes, drag, riots, grief — and I don’t remember Omari having a single question or doubt.” 

Russell clearly admires Douglas and would gladly collaborate with him again in a heartbeat. So, while a role in Doctor Who season 14 appears to be inevitable, will it be as the Time Lord himself? Douglas would be the first Black guy and the first gay person to play that role if he were to land it. That would be another significant and much-needed milestone for the series, after Whittaker’s casting as the first female Doctor.

Olly Alexander and Lydia West, two of Douglas’ former co-stars, have both been extensively connected to the soon-to-be-vacant position, with the latter presently being the bookmakers’ favorite.

Omari Douglas Doctor Who

West addressed the rumors back in November in an interview with saying, “The fact I’ve been named as one of the favorites is quite special. So I mean, it would be an honor to be the Doctor. I’m glad people think I could do it!”

Jodie Whittaker, who has played the Time Lord for three seasons since taking over from Peter Capaldi, is scheduled to leave after two more specials this year.