Tall Girl 3: Will we have more of Jodi and Jack’s romance?

Tall Girl 3 Netflix release date cast plot jodie and jack
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Will Jodi be back?

Netflix’s highly anticipated sequel Tall Girl 2 hit the platform on February 11 and you’d be already wondering about a potential part 3 of Tall Girl! So, will Jodi and Jack be back or not for Tall Girl 3?

The first film was a major triumph for streaming giant Netflix despite a mediocre critical reaction upon its premiere in 2019. Tall Girl 1 was viewed by 41 million households in its first 28 days on the platform, and Tall Girl 2 subsequently premiered in 2022, with creator Sam Wolfson returning to create the sequel.

Here’s everything you need to know about Tall Girl 3:

Will there be Tall Girl 3?

Tall Girl 3 hasn’t been officially yet announced by Netflix, but the streaming platform’s other most popular teen rom-com series, To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before and The Kissing Booth, each lasted three films. So it doesn’t hurt to hope for a possible part 3 of Tall Girl. 

Tall Girl 3 Plot:

Tall Girl 3 Netflix release date cast plot

Tall Girl 2 started on a happy note of Jodi high-fiving fellow students with her newfound popularity, instead of staring down the hallways. The film also ended on a happy note of potential reconciliation with Jack. When Jack discloses that he has been photographing in the lighting booth all night leaving his seat vacant and confesses his love for Jodie, the two reconcile and kiss. However, Tall Girl 2 ends on a bit of a cliffhanger in terms of the couple’s relationship. The ending hasn’t explicitly stated that Jack and Jodie’s kiss backstage of the school musical is the happily ever after for them. 

In the first film, the two form a relationship and in the end, even though they struggled to get to that point, they end up together. The third film could explore how they manage to get through high school and next summer, and then eventually college. Another thread is that Jodie won’t be able to consult with her little big sister since Harper has moved to LA. Considering the threat to their relationship in the form of Tommy Torres (They kissed!), there are still questions for a possible Tall Girl 3. The door is definitely open for a third installment.

Tall Girl 3 Netflix release date cast plot jodie and tommy

Tall Girl 3 Cast:

The main cast members are expected to reprise their roles in the possible sequel. Ava Michelle (Jodi Kreyman), Sabrina Carpenter (Harper Kreyman), Griffin Gluck (Jack Dunkleman), Luke Eisner (Stig Mohlin), Anjelika Washington (Fareeda), and Rico Paris (Schnipper) are among the cast members of the second film (Stella). Clara Wilsey (Kimmy Stitcher), Steve Zahn (Richie Kreyman), and Angela Kinsey all appear in supporting roles (Helaine Kreyman) are all expected to return. There could be new cast members as Netflix always makes sure to add fresh faces to every sequel. 


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Where can you watch Tall Girl?

Tall Girl part1 and 2 are exclusively available to stream on Netflix. Tall Girl 2, the latest installment in the Netflix original film series, premiered on February 11, 2022. You can watch the trailer here:

Tall Girl 2 | Official Trailer | Netflix