All of Us Are Dead: 10 Mind-boggling questions we are left with after the finale

All of Us Are Dead
All of Us Are Dead Credit: Netflix

*Major Spoilers Alert*

The all new Korean zombie apocalypse series, All of Us Are Dead, has made quite a stir among the followers of this particular genre. The story is based on the Naver webtoon, Now at Our School, by Joo Dong-geun. According to the plot, Hyosan High becomes the ground zero for a zombie apocalypse following a virus outbreak. It is a story of the survival of a bunch of students who did the best of their abilities to get out of this life-and-death situation.

Call it due to the impeccably created storyline or the perfect amount of emotion in the horror or appreciable performances by the cast, it hasn’t disappointed anyone in any aspect. However, those who have watched the series might know, the season is finished on multiple massive cliffhangers and fans can do nothing but look forward to the second season.

Be it the speculations on who could be the ones Nam-ra went to meet after taking a leap from the school roof or what’s more in the fates of the Hyosan High survivors, questions are endless.

Here’s a list of 10 questions that are left unanswered and messing up every watcher’s head after the finale of All of Us Are Dead:

1. Can Jonas Virus transmit through animals?

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As we saw in the very beginning, there was an infected mouse in teacher Byeong-Chan’s lab which bit a person who became infected as well. That eventually led to a city-wide epidemic. For now what we are sure of is that interspecies transmission is possible from an animal to humans, so there can be a possibility that it can happen in reverse and then animal transmission becomes a new trend.

2. Can virus spread in the outside world even though Hyosan has been bombed with the infected?

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In order to curb the epidemic, the military bombed the city of Hyosang with the infected in it. However, Nam-ra and other halfbies survived. Even though the halfbies are currently confined to the bombed city, but if even a single one of them comes out, there’s a huge possibility of another wave in any part of Korea or anywhere.

3. Did Byeong Chan turn into a halfbie?

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Byeong Chan created the Jonas virus to help his son tackle his bullies but his plan backfired when he lost his family to it. When Hyeon Ju got bit and started turning, Byeong Chan tied her up and locked her in the Science Lab which got revealed when she escaped. Byeong Chan got arrested by Detective Jae-ik for interrogation but they were attacked at the police station which Jae-ik barely escaped. Byeong Chan got bit and turned into a zombie but to everyone’s surprise, he didn’t become senseless and growled like every other infected. He seemed to be very composed and stared right into the camera. This was a hint of him becoming the first halfbie but as he didn’t show up again in the story, any further details on him are still a mystery.

4. Are the halfbies considered dead or alive?

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As per the research of the scientists at the quarantine camp, the virus immediately lower the temperature of the host, kills them and takes control of the central nervous system just like Sergeant Jae-jun who was declared medically dead even though he was moving and reacting to stimuli. Opposite to that, Eun-ji was completely asymptomatic still having the same heightened sensitivity towards sound and smell and the craving for human blood and flesh, and detectable only when cells are activated. Eun-ji also had normal body temperature like humans when she was captivated. The completely turned zombies lose their sense of sight and the capability to be sensible which is completely opposite to halfbies who are totally able to make sense in terms of choices and behavior. Halfbies can also resist life threatening incidents which normal humans and zombie can’t even survive. So are halfbies alive as they can control their brain and make calculated choices? Or are they dead as no matter what you do them they simply don’t cease to exist? The answer is still unaddressed as the Jonas virus is new and as intelligent to mutate every now and then. The scientists are yet to determine what all this virus is capable of.

5. Why don’t the people attacked by halfbies become halfbies themselves?

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Till now there are two identified strains of the virus, one, that immediately kills the host, takes over the bodily function and leaves no sense in the host, and the other, which makes the host much stronger than before, retains their sense of judgement and triggers the human flesh cravings. When a zombie bites a person, the virus transmits and the person bitten turns into a zombie as well. Following that pattern, when a halfbie bites someone, most logical thing that can happen is the transformation of the bitten into a halfbie. But that’s not the case, they turn into regular vampires. One thing that is for sure is that the strain is not transferring through the bites, only the base compound of the virus gets transmitted. What can be expected is that the virus mutates on its own after reaching the host, but on which basis, that is not clear.

6. Are Cheong-San and Gwi-Nam still alive?

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Gwi-nam is a school bully who turned into halfbie when Cheong-san pushed him off into a horde of zombies after damaging his eye. He was seeking revenge for his eye on Cheong San and kept following him. They had a face-off while the rest of the survivors ran for their life, where Cheong San distracted all the zombies and jumped down a construction site shaft taking Gwi Nam along. On-ju later returned to find Cheong-san along with Nam-ra and Bare-su, however, Nam-Ra didn’t feel anyone’s scent in proximity and they went back, shattered. But if we take a look at history, Cheong San has cheated death multiple times and Gwi Nam has gone through multiple falls since he turned so if there’s a second season then there’s always a chance for them to return.

7. After the Hyosang bombing, what happened to Eun-ji and Jae-jun?

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As they were the observation subjects for the scientists at the quarantine camp, the logical assumption is they were either beheaded or burnt after the Hyosan bombing. However, nothing is certain in the television world until and unless it is showed on the screen.

8. Who are the halfbies who came to meet Nam-ra at school?

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When the kids went back to Hyosan High in the last episode, they met Nam-ra on the school roof who told them that there are more like her who escaped the school at the time of the bombing. There have been speculations about the identities of those halfbie survivors, they can be Cheong San or Gwi Nam or Byeong Chan or anyone else, but no one knows anything for sure till the season 2 gets released.

9. Is Nam-ra some kind of a halfbie leader?

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There is a possibility of such a scenario as when asked to join the rest of the kids, she said that she has responsibilities to take care of. She might not be the class president solely based on her abilities but she has been matured by the trauma so it is possible that she might have become the leader of her kind. She was a straight A student and has much more control over her urges than similar people like Gwi Nam and Eun Ji.

10. Is there any cure even possible?

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The Jonas virus is extremely powerful and independent, so much so that it repeatedly mutates before anyone can get a hang of it and develop an antidote. It is a brand new virus which is not known by the scientists and for now they are unable to keep it on track and figure out what to do against it.