Snowpiercer Season 3 finale episode release date: Everything we know so far

Snowpiercer Season 3 release Melanie alive finale plot cast trailer

We were left with our heads spinning and brittle hearts broken after the harrowing Season 2 two-part finale of Snowpiercer on March 29, 2021. It’s been almost a year now and fans have been waiting for some burning questions to be answered in the new season. TNT’s Snowpiercer Season 3 premiered on 24 January 2022.

Les Transperceneige, a French graphic novel produced by Jacques Lob, Jean-Marc Rochette, and Benjamin Legrand, was published in 1982. The plot, which was later carried in three further volumes, revolved around a 1,001-car-long train called Snowpiercer, which traveled throughout the world, carrying what remained of mankind when a cataclysmic event freezes the entire planet. Passengers at the front live in luxury, while at the tail end, it’s the direct opposite. Bong Joon Ho’s English feature film Snowpiercer, based on Les Transperceneige, was released in 2013. The movie plot was adapted yet again in 2020, this time as a television series distributed by TNT as well as Netflix. 

Snowpiercer Season 3

Here’s everything you need to know about Snowpiercer Season 3 finale:

When will Snowpiercer Season 3 Finale release?

For the US audience, the Snowpiercer Season 3 finale will arrive on March 28, 2022, on TNT and on March 29, 2022, for Netflix for UK viewers. 

How many episodes are there in Snowpiercer Season 3?

Snowpiercer Season 3 has 10 episodes with a runtime of 44 minutes to 51 minutes.

Who’s in the cast of Snowpiercer Season 3?

All those who survived the brutal Season 2 are reprising their roles in Season 3. The series regulars include:

  • Jennifer Connelly as Melanie Cavill
  • Daveed Diggs as Andre Layton
  • Sean Bean as Joseph Wilford
  • Mickey Sumner as Bess Till
  • Iddo Goldberg as Bennett Knox
  • Katie McGuinness as Josie Wellstead
  • Lena Hall as Miss Audrey
  • Steven Ogg as Pike
  • Rowan Blanchard as Alexandra Cavill
  • Alison Wright as Ruth Wardell

What’s the plot of Snowpiercer Season 3?

Snowpiercer Season 3 release Melanie alive finale plot cast trailer

At the end of season two, Layton and Ruth, who were banished to Big Alice’s compost car, plotted to take back Snowpiercer. With the help of Javier and Alexandra, Layton and Ruth made it back to Snowpiercer and rallied with their supporters. Josie destroyed the Aquarium car, separating Snowpiercer’s head from the remaining 1,023 cars.

Is Melanie really dead? That’s the biggest question heartbroken fans have been asking since season 2 ended. It looks like she’s back! Snowpiercer‘s season 2 finale also apparently killed off two other major characters: Javier de la Torre and Bojan “Boki” Boscovic. 

The official synopsis for Season 3 reads: “Season three picks up with Layton and his inner circle commanding a small pirate train in search of Melanie and a possible warm location to restart civilization, aided by a newfound survivor. Back on Snowpiercer, Mr. Wilford is consolidating power, foiled only by secret allies of Layton’s hidden on the train, committed to the cause. “

Snowpiercer Season 3 Trailer

The trailer was released by TNT on January 3, 2022. “Melanie’s sacrifice gave us a map. We find New Eden, then we go back for the others,’  Layton says in the Season 3 trailer.

Snowpiercer | Official Trailer | Netflix

Where can you watch Snowpiercer Season 3?

Episode one of Snowpiercer Season 3 premiered on TNT on January 24, 2022, and then on Netflix internationally on January 25, 2022. Three episodes have been aired so far. The previous two seasons of Snowpiercer are available to stream on Netflix and TNT.