I Want You Back: Where to watch it?

I Want You Back

Hyping the expectations of die hard lovers, Amazon just bought another perfect rom com movie to town. The film revives the evergreen concept that “misery loves company”. The movie is initially based on the rebound scenario of Jenny Slate and Charlie Day, as the two discover they’ve been dumped by their significant others on the same weekend.

The trailer of the movie was released on February 1, where the two characters were seen coming up with clever plans to get their partners back after they have moved on to another relationship. It’s a perfect watch for all the rom-com fans because it presents the age old tale with new complexities and twists.

I Want You Back - Official Trailer | Prime Video

Where to watch I Want You Back?

The film already premiered on Amazon Prime Video on February 11, 2022, so you can go and watch the romantic comedy now.

I Want You Back Cast

The cast includes Charlie Day, Jenny Slate, Scott Eastwood, Manny Jacinto, Clark Backo, Gina Rodriguez, Mason Gooding, Dylan Gelula, Jami Gertz, Isabel May, and Luke David Blumm.

I Want You Back

I Want You Back Plot

The director of the movie is Jason Orley. The movie involves two 30-something strangers Peter (Day) and Emma (Slate) who discover that they share a common thing together : they’ve been unexpectedly dumped by their significant others, Anne (Rodriguez) and Noah (Eastwood), on the same weekend. They fall into the company of misery. Peter and Emma learn their previous lovers have both moved on to new romances and hatch a plan to win them back. They are very dedicated towards getting their relationship back on track.


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I Want You Back Reviews

On the review aggregator 87% critics’ reviews are mostly positive with an average rating of 6.8/10. The website reviews read, “With a stellar cast playing well-rounded characters, I Want You Back is the rare rom-com that delivers its romance as capably as its comedy.” All the other reviews are pretty much the same, “saying it reminds the value of rom-coms with actual com, not to mention performers on the order of Charlie Day and Jenny Slate.”

I Want You Back: Stream it or skip it?

Given the fact that most of the rom-coms make for a good one-time watch, I Want You Back is no exception. More so, since the month of love is still going on, you might want to give this one a try and dive into a romantic journey of two. What happens, who ends up with whom are some of the questions that will be answered while you watch this sweet movie. Also, the presence of Jenny and Charlie makes this movie more wholesome and serves as an add-on for you to even watch it twice, if not more.