5 Movies like A Quiet Place to watch for spine chilling horror

Movies like A Quiet Place

When thinking about horror, what comes to mind are jump scares, eerie sounds, screaming, a few chases from a predator, or simply ghosts. However, A Quiet Place introduced a new kind of terror which is clearly unmatched. Directed by John Krasinski and written by Bryan Woods, Scott Beck and Krasinski, the film revolves around a couple who struggles to raise their kids in a post-apocalyptic world inhabited by monsters who are blind yet have an acute sense of hearing.

Even a slightest sound can kill you. The couple tries their best to fight back and save their children. The factors that gripped the audience to the movie was the way how silence was used to build up the terror and the feeling of looking death in the eye any and every moment. If you loved this one, here’s a list of the best of the best from this genre which are terrifying in their own ways but definitely worth watching: 

Bird Box (2018)

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Cast: Sandra Bullock, Lil Rel Howery , Trevante Rhodes

Directed by:  Susanne Bier 

Bird Box can be compared to A Quiet Place to some extent as in both the movies, a parent tries their best to save their children from some or the other kind of non-human entities. However, in Bird Box, the monsters hunt those who can see them and look them in the eye. As any person sees the entities in any way, they become suicidal and kill themselves in any way possible. So, the only way to save oneself is to become blindfolded. The story follows Malorie who gives birth to a set of twins in the middle of the apocalypse and decides to take them to a community of survivors in a boat, blindfolded. 

Don’t Breathe (2016)

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Cast:  Jane Levy, Dylan Minnette, Daniel Zovatto and Stephen Lang

Directed by:  Fede Álvarez

Not every impeccably created horror needs some other worldly monster to make it a hit. Sometimes humans can do far better at it than the large teethed ugly-looking terrifying monsters. The story talks about Rocky, Alex and Money, who break into houses at night and rob for getting some cash at hand. A tip about some hard cash made the three of them break into the house of a Gulf War veteran, Nordstorm who happens to be blind. What felt like an easy in and way out robbery turned to into a horrifying experience for the three when Nordstorm started hunting them one by one. 

Terrified (2017)

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Cast: Maximiliano Ghione, Norberto Gonzalo, Agustín Rittano, Julieta Vallina

Directed by: Demián Rugna

Written and directed by Demian Rugna, Terrified stars Maxi Ghione, Norberto Gonzalo, Elvira Onetto, and George L. Lewis, among others and is one spine chilling horror that is capable of giving one nightmares. Titled Attirados in Spanish, this movie follows terrifying events happening at a specific Buenos Aires neighborhood and makes us cross path with a extremely dark and sinister entity which can take away our multiple good night sleeps.

10 Cloverfield Lane (2016)

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Cast: Mary Elizabeth Winstead, John Goodman, John Gallagher Jr.

Directed by:  Dan Trachtenberg

The story follows Michelle, who after a fight with her boyfriend drives off but gets into a car crash. As she wakes up, she finds herself in an underground bunker which she shares with two other men who wants her to believe that the earth has been invaded by some extraterrestrial beings and at the verge of wiping out. But she wants to find that out on her own. 

Kindred (2020)

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Cast:  Tamara Lawrance, Jack Lowden and Fiona Shaw

Directed by: Joe Marcantonio 

The mystery horror drama follows Charlotte, who is pregnant with her boyfriend Ben’s child. The news of her boyfriend’s death turned her  world upside down and she collapses. After waking up, she finds herself in Ben’s family estate where Ben’s mother and his stepbrother promise to take care of her till the baby arrives. However, the mysterious people and the eerie environment make Charlotte contemplate her decision to stay with them.