Fresh Trailer: Shady and freaky Sebastian Stan slays this comedy thriller

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A random trip to the supermarket and you meet an adorable charming guy who’s sometimes goofy, sometimes classy and feels like a next door crush. Sounds like a perfect romance is on the way. But who knows if the guy comes out to be a dangerous creep and dating becomes more of a life or death situation. 

Hulu released the trailer of Fresh, a thriller that will premier on March 4, 2022. There isn’t anything new to the way it starts. Daisy Edgar Jones, as Noa, seems quite unlucky in terms of dating, bumps into Sebastian Stan, as Steve, a Texan surgeon at the grocery store. The duo clicked immediately and start a relationship. Steve’s absence from the social media felt shady to Noa’s friend but she didn’t really paid any heed to her. The silly jokes, adorable looks and similar vibes looked like a teenage romance but it became evident that Noa is in trouble when Steve said he won’t tell her his secret else she will freak out.


Fresh gives an insight into the present day dating scenario and connects it to the fear the girls have these days in matters like meeting a stranger and dating them. Stan’s portrayal of Steve and the way he emits that maniacal energy with his gaze and body language makes it even more uncomfortable and creepy. The ultra close up shots at his face are capable to induce a gasp or shiver at the right moment. The hints to the alleged cannibalistic nature of the antagonist are quite disturbing as well. 

According to Daisy Edgar Jones, as reported by IndieWire, Fresh exposes “the difficulties we face in the world of dating now and in dating apps, and exploring this general level of fear that we live with as women without really realizing it, of their being a risk attached to a lot of things, even just walking home late at night, or meeting a stranger on a date.” 

Fresh | Official Trailer | Hulu

Daisy Edgar Jones recently starred in Netflix’s War of the Worlds. She came into limelight after another Hulu original, Normal People, which happened to become one of the most critically acclaimed series of 2020. Sebastian Stan grabbed a fan following after being making his appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Bucky Barnes. Recently, he starred in Pam and Tommy, a biographical film on the lives of Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee. 

Written by Lauryn Khan, it is a directorial debut in feature film by Mimi Cave after doing music videos for several years. Now all we got to do is wait till the charming yet shady Sebastian Stan shows up at the streaming platform on March 4, 2022.