Will Soundtrack leave Netflix in March 2022?

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In case you were not aware, Netflix has started putting the notice on series which are about to leave the OTT platform. And the list continues to expand every passing day. A removal notice which reads, “last day to watch” hangs at the bottom of every series so that you can gear up and finish all the remaining episodes or seasons before the series bids adieu to the platform. 

Adding to the ongoing lost of shows leaving the platform in March is Soundtrack. The show is a romantic musical drama that revolves around a group of people living in Los Angeles who develops a bond as they all love music and dance.

When is Soundtrack leaving Netflix?

Soundtrack will be leaving Netflix on Tuesday, March 1, 2022. This means that the show can be last watched till February 28. The show has 10 episodes and is only one season so it will be easy for you to watch it before it departs.


Why is Soundtrack leaving Netflix?

The series was though a Netflix original and was developed and distributed by 20th Television which is now owned by Disney. Given the fact that Disney+ is now buying back the rights of its shows or not renewing the licenses, it isn’t surprising that shows and movies are leaving the platform. Most of the the content is now shifting to Disney+ or Hulu. And Soundtrack might be no exception and there are chances that it, too, might makes its way towards Disney+ in future.

Where can you watch Soundtrack after it leaves Netflix? 

As aforementioned, the series will likely stream on Disney+ or Hulu after it departs from Netflix. As the show is rated TV-MA it might also be seen on Hulu, however, no official information about the shift has been out yet. 


Soundtrack Cast

The series, Soundtrack which is currently streaming on Netflix cast Paul James as Samson “Sam” Hughes, Callie Hernandez as Eleanor, Marianne Jean-Baptiste as Annette Sands, Jenna Dewan as Joanna Kassem, Jahmil French as Dante Sands, Megan Ferguson as Jean, Isaiah Givens as Barry Hughes, Madeleine Stowe as Margot Weston, Nellie’s mother and Sam’s mother-in-law, Campbell Scott as Frank O’Brien, Christina Milian as De’Andra, Juliet G. James as Leah Sands, Robbie Fairchild as Troy, Deron J. Powell as Arthur, Sammy A. Publes as Mr. Hernandez, Brian Keys as Carver, Amy J. Carle as Stella, Joanna’s colleague and James McDaniel as Moses.

What is Soundtrack about? 

The show revolves around a mixed group of people from different cultures in Los Angeles who are connected to love and music.

The official synopsis says, “the love stories connecting a diverse, disparate group of people in contemporary Los Angeles through the music that lives inside their hearts and minds.”

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