That’s So Raven: Reminiscing about the teen sitcom that ruled many hearts

That's So Raven

Let’s revisit time a bit. It’s early 2000s and all you have to do is go to school, come back and binge-watch TV. Yes, many of us binge-watched our favorite shows much before the word got its due during the pandemic. Back then binge-watching was synonymous with Disney, if you were a kid.

The channel was our childhood destination for all our favorite shows. If you have started to recall the good old days, one show that must have crossed y0ur mind is That’s So Raven. Created by Michael Poryes and Susan Sherman, That’s So Raven aired from January 2003 to November 2007 with four seasons.

If you know the name but not the story, the show revolved around a girl named Raven who experienced visions of future events and on the other hand, was dealing with the social and personal issues of her preadolescence. Raven constantly twists the events she envisions and interferes to prevent a vision from coming true and protecting her friends and families. However, not everything go as planned. She attracts her powers in fashion design to adopt detailed camouflages during these tasks.

That's So Raven

So, if you are here for nostalgia, you would be able to relate more but if you are a newbie then it will be a good read for you. 

That’s So Raven Cast

The show consists of four seasons in which you will see plenty of casts which is including Raven-Symoné who portrayed the star of the show Raven. Orlando Brown as Eddie Thomas, Kyle Massey as Cory Baxter, Anneliese van der Pol as Chelsea Daniels, Rondell Sheridan as Victor Baxter, T’Keyah Crystal Keymáh as Tanya Baxter, Frankie Ryan Manriquez as William, David Henrie as Larry, Jonathan ‘Lil J’ McDaniel as Devon Carter, Bobb’e J. Thompson as Stanley, Rose Abdoo as Senorita Rodriguez, Ashley Eckstein as Muffy, Jordyn Colemon as Cindy, Andrea Edwards as Loca, Anne-Marie Johnson as Donna Cabonna, Anne-Marie Johnson as Donna Cabonna, Wesley Mann as Mr. Lawler, Jodi Shilling as Tiffany, Johari Johnson as Police officers and many more characters were added in the seasons. 

That’s So Raven Plot 

The show revolves around a high school girl Raven Baxter, whose ability to experience future events within seconds lands her in more trouble than you can ever imagine. She, often, miscalculates the events which causes trouble both for her friends Eddie and Chelsea, and family. The show is full of comedy and drama which was obviously loved by the teens. Comedy, fun, entertainment and time travel, the shows gives it all at one stop.

That's So Raven

In a past interview with Grazia, That’s So Raven star talked about how the show helped her gain a lot of fame and love from the audience. “It felt great to be able to join the Disney Channel. I had, as a young child, every single VHS with the classic covers in my room. I feel like my subconscious was training me to be a part of the Disney crew. There’s such beauty in children’s entertainment, knowing that you’re creating content for them and that their parents can feel safe with them watching,” Symoné said.

She further talked about her experience of having made a name for herself at such a young age, “I know a lot of people who worked their whole careers in order to make a standout moment. And I, at the age of sixteen, was able to have my own show with my name on it and work with some of the most talented people to create a show that will entertain families for years to come. That’s So Raven was my third television show in the industry, so I knew that it’s not the best thing to put so much pressure on the show: I didn’t really feel or think about the potential impact of the show until after.”

The American teen sitcom was a huge success, so much so that people still watch it on Disney+. If you were living under a rock and haven’t watched the show yet, head straight to the streaming platform for your daily entertainment.