The Undeclared War: Everything we know so far

The Undeclared War

If you are looking for some great action and cyber-thriller, you might thinking of heading towards Netflix. However, it is not the only destination. Peacock is here, too. The platform is coming up with its new show, The Undeclared War, which is full of action and cyber-thriller.

The show is directed and co-written by Peter Kosminsky who is known for the TV series Wolf Hall film and  The Government Inspector.  

So, here is everything we know so far about the upcoming show.

When is The Undeclared War releasing?

The Undeclared War has not been assigned a release date yet. The show was announced back in 2021, so we can expect the show to release anytime in 2022.

The show will be streaming on Peacock exclusive in the US and will be a six-part series that will also air on Channel 4 in the UK.

Who all will be cast in The Undeclared War?

The Undeclared War

The Undeclared War will see Simon Pegg, who was a part of Hot Fuzz and Mission Impossible, as GCHQ’s Head of Operations, Danny Patrick, Mark Rylance, who was a part of Bridge of Spies, as John Yeabsley who is a retired Cold War veteran who’s brought back to GCHQ from retirement to help combat the new threat to Britain, Adrian Lester, who was a part of Mary Queen of Scots, as Andrew Makinde who is the UK’s first Black Conservative Prime Minister, Maisie Richardson-Sellers who was a part of Marvel, Star Wars: The Force Awakens as American cyber-analyst Kathy Freeman and Alex Jennings, who was a part of The Crown, as Head of GCHQ David Neal, and newcomer Hannah Khalique-Brown plays Saara Parvan who is a young student doing work experience in GCHQ’s Malware Department. 

The undeclared war

What is The Undeclared War about?

The show is set up in the post-pandemic 2024 which will revolve around a New British general election and will follow a crack team of data analysts who are working at GCHQ which is the UK counterpart to the NSA. The team is trying to fight back a possible cyber-attack on the UK electrical system.

The director of the show explained the storyline as per televisual, “The Series is based deep within the least-known arm of the UK’s intelligence infrastructure, GCHQ. The story we’re now able to tell casts an extraordinary, revelatory light on the hot, undeclared war taking place right now in the world’s newest and most invisible domain of conflict — cyber.”

After three years of the research process, Kominsky and his team were treated with fruitful access to the cyber security industry on both sides of the Atlantic to confirm just to create a realistic picture of the threat posed by cyber crime to the Western world.

Is there a trailer The Undeclared War?

There is no trailer yet for The Undeclared War. The show was announced back in 2021 and is ready to stream anytime in 2022. We can expect the trailer anytime in 2022, for now, no trailer is released by the production yet. We will keep you updated about all the revelations of the upcoming show.