This Sceptred Isle: Everything you need to know

The Scripted Isle

Have you ever thought of watching a drama that revolves around COVID-19? A drama which highlights your country’s issues and where all the social workers of the country are looking for an answer from the Prime Minister. Well, we assume that you might want to. Sky Original is coming up with a factual drama on similar lines This Sceptred Isle.

Here is everything we know so far about This Sceptred Isle.

When is This Sceptred Isle be released?

This Sceptred Isle went into production after its announcement in 2021. So, we can expect the show to air in UK around autumn 2022. However, no official release date has been announced yet.

The show will be a five-part television drama and will air on Sky Atlantic. 

This Sceptred Isle Cast

The cast will see Simon Kunz as Andrew Mills. Rachel Sophia-Anthony as Lola Aldenjana, James Corrigan as Isaac Levido, Adam Oakley as Government press advisor, Alec Nicholls as Patrick Vallance, Simon Treves as Stephen Powis, Aimée Kelly as Elise Larkin, Salima Saxton as Tina, Joe Bannister as Jack Doyle, Greta Bellamacina as Cleo Watson, Hiten Patel as Asif, Richard Tree as Downing Street staff (2022), Jarek Ciepichal as Police Protection Officer, Adrian Harris as Duncan Selbie, Tony Hood as Security Guard No 10, Linzey Bryant as Downing Street Staff, Julia Farino as Amanda, Sam Patrick as John Edmunds, Bitu Thomas as Priti Patel and Henry Garrett.

The show will also cast, Max Dowler as Owen Gibson, Lee Comley as Dr. Ben Walker, Rizwan Gul Khan as Patient, Francesca Marago as Carrie’s Friend, Kenneth Branagh as Boris Johnson, Simon Paisley Day as Dominic Cummings, Ophelia Lovibond as Carrie Symonds, Sam Phillips as Rob, Gwynne McElveen as Maggie, Oli Higginson as Saul, Mark Hampton as George Gau, Sinem Saridagli as Journalist, Guy Robbins as Senior Hospital Manager, Alex Rose as SPAD, Michael Thompson as Des, Ross Hatt as Norwich Doctor, John Alastair as Col. Ashleigh Boreham, Rod Glenn as Geordie Manufacturer, Darryl Mundoma as Andrew Sazuze, Jacob G. Swann as Special Advisor, Bernard Sparkes as ICU Patient, Rajan Nair as Background doctor, Gary Stubbs as Porter, Doug Grant as SA and Daniel Charles Doherty as ICU patient.

This Sceptred Isle

That is a long cast! It means that the show will be coming up with different strategies and events that will make for an informative watch.

What will This Sceptred Isle be about?

The show will be a factual drama that will show some of the devastating occasions of the United Kingdom and the Prime Minister’s leading tactics. The show will revolve around the pandemic situations which impacted Britain and also the responses of scientists, nurses, and doctors as they worked every second to save the country from the virus.

The plot summary of the show as per Sky reads:

This Sceptred Isle will tell the tale of some of the most devastating events to ever befall the United Kingdom, and of a Prime Minister leading in these unprecedented times. The drama will trace the impact on Britain from this once in a generation pandemic, and the response of scientists, nurses, and doctors as they worked tirelessly and heroically to contain and overcome the virus. It is based on the first-hand testimony of people from all walks of life; from Number 10 Downing Street, the Department of Health, The Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE), and from hospitals and care homes across the country.”

The trailer is expected to release a month before the show airs.