No Exit on Hulu: Character posters revealed by 20th Century Studios

No Exit

20th Century studios took to twitter to release the character posters of an upcoming American thriller film No Exit. The film is based on the 2017 novel of the same name by Taylor Adams. Directed by Damien Power from a screenplay by Andrew Barrer and Gabriel Ferrari, it is all set to be released on February 25, 2022 as a Hulu original. The trailer of the film was released in early February.  

The story revolves around Darby who runs away from the rehab to visit her mom in the Salt Lake City hospital. However, her trip gets disrupted by the blinding snowstorm and she is forced to take shelter at a rest stop with other stranded travelers till the weather disturbances subside. In order to get some signal, Darby stepped out of the shelter but is left speechless when she finds a girl trapped in a van.

No Exit | Official Trailer | 20th Century Studios


She promised the young girl that she’ll rescue after after her attempts to break the lock miserably fail. Returning to the shelter, now she knows that there is a kidnapper among them and she needs to figure out who. But that’s not gonna be a cake walk. What followed her quest was a bloody chaos where everyone was a suspect and lives were at stake including her own.

To make the thrill and suspense more intense, 20th Century Studios released the character posters which are the clear hints to the fact that no one is as they seem to be. Every character is on a playing card with two opposite sides which give completely opposite vibes. Have a look at them yourself:

The cards reveal two different sides of characters and the backdrop, with the quote, “Trust Is The Deadliest Game” on the top. One side shows rather serene environment. The shelter looks warm and inviting and the snow and the trees make a beautiful scenery. On the other hand, the lower side of the card gives a terrifying feeling coming from the every same setting. Here the pine trees look threatening and scary, the environment has a subtle creep in it and the rest stop is burning down.

Along with the setting, the expression and the outlook of the characters are changing as well. Where in the top side, everyone seems normal, composed and proper, the bottom side brings out their completely opposite looks. The unkempt hair, the serious expressions and shabby look makes it look like they are up to no good and definitely scheming a menace.

But when everyone has an opposite side to what they are trying to portray, then who is the culprit? Catch up with Darby on February 25, 2022 on Hulu to unravel the mystery and put the culprit to task.