Top 10 iconic Korean celebrity friendships we can’t stop obsessing over

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We always hear about the ongoing fights and social media feuds between celebrities. We are updated with all the hot gossip and every statement the stars make against each other, and let’s be real it does kind of make us lose faith in the concept of true friends. Let us change that.

We are bringing you the hot gossip from K-town – the gossip of iconic friendships between the hot Korean celebs. Sit back, relax and get ready for your smiling muscles might really hurt soon from all the cuteness ahead.

1. Lisa and Bambam

Starting off the list with the iconic Thai duo who have made it big in the South Korean Music Industry. BLACKPINK’s Lisa and GOT7’s Bambam have been friends for over 12 years now – that means way before either of them even joined their respective labels as trainees. They’ve known each other since they were children when they were both members of the same We Za Cool children’s dance group in Thailand. 

korean celebrity friendships

BamBam once claimed that even though they’re the same age, he calls Lisa noona since she was always taller than him when they were kids.

They aren’t just some celebrity friends who just flaunt their friendship in front of the media but have also proven that they have always got each other’s back when needed. BamBam stunned fans when, following the 33rd Golden Disk Awards, he openly expressed his support for childhood friend Lisa who had been harassed by racist comments regarding her appearance. Fans all over the world voiced their support by using the hashtag #RespectLisa on Twitter.

If their moments within the K-pop industry weren’t enough, the two also starred in a Thai advertisement together for the mobile company, AIS.

2. Jennie and Jung Ho-Yeon

Two pretty best friends? Not just pretty but talented and successful too. 

The BLACKPINK sensation and Squid Game superstar have been friends since Jung’s modeling days. According to Jung, Jennie has been extremely supportive of her acting career, and yes Ms. Kim Jennie did not shy away from showing how proud she was of her best friend and visited Jung on the set of Netflix’s thriller, Squid Game. And what did Ho Yeon do in return you ask? She made sure Jennie’s name appeared in the credits of the drama. Ho-Yeon has also told Teen Vogue, “I can’t really express how grateful I am to her.” If this ain’t friendship goals!


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3. IU and Yoo In-Na

All we have ever wanted is to live close to our BFF. IU and Yoo In-Na have checked that off their list. They happen to live in the same apartment complex. The two met back in 2010 in the variety show Heroes, and have been inseparable since. Their friendship is nothing but adorable, from traveling together to getting matching rings, who will say they have an 11 years age gap!

korean celebrity friendships

When she got the Album of the Year award at the 2017 Melon Music Awards, IU dedicated the title “my muse, my star” to Yoo, and penned the song You about missing Yoo while filming a drama in a location with no phone or internet access.

Yoo also remarked in an interview in 2018 with Chosun newspaper that IU is someone she will not hesitate to care for, adding that the two depend on each other and that they are lifelong buddies.

Here’s to hoping we all someday find the Yoo to our IU.

4. The Wooga Squad

The Wooga Squad, led by Park Seo Joon, is undoubtedly one of the most well-known celebrity friendships in South Korean showbiz. The Hwarang gang, as well as Park Seo Joon’s co-stars and friends, make up the squad.

Officially, the members are PSJ’s Hwarang co-stars BTS’ V and Park Hyung Sik, Parasite and Fight For My Way co-star Choi Woo Shik, as well as PSJ’s musician friend Peakboy.


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The group meets up often and never fails to show support for each other when it comes to their professional life.

5. Yeri and Nayeon

All the Red Velvet and TWICE fans must be aware of this chaotic duo being besties. Yeri and Nayeon have been friends for as long as we can remember now. The two have often told fans and media that they are extremely close, and Nayeon even flaunted her couple ring with Yeri on one of her live broadcasts. Nayeon has previously expressed that she only wears accessories that are meaningful to her, this just goes ahead to show how much she cherishes her friendship with Yeri. 

korean celebrity friendships

The two never leave a chance to show off their precious friendship to the world, be it calling each other during live broadcasts or making sure that your best friend is the first guest on your variety show. Yes, you read that right. Yeri hosted her very own reality-variety show back in 2020 called Yeri Bang, and she made sure Nayeon was the first-ever guest on the show. 

Now that we are on the topic of the show, we can’t help but recall the heartwarming moment when Yeri asked Nayeon to promote her group’s new comeback, to which Nayeon replied that she isn’t here to promote her group but congratulate Yeri on her big milestone.

[EN] 이 우정 짜릿해! 최고야! 레드벨벳 예리 & 트와이스 나연 [EP.2-1]

These two really be making us jealous and warming our hearts all at the same time. 

6. ROSÉ and Hyeri

These best friends met on the show DoReMi Market and became friends after Hyeri asked for ROSÉ’s phone number. When the two appeared on the same show again, ROSÉ admitted that she was hesitant to issue the initial invitation to meet since she was a fan of Hyeri. 

Hyeri claimed that the two have a close relationship and that when they don’t have time to meet, they video call one other instead.


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During the promotions of ROSÉ’s solo debut, she told the cast of Knowing Brothers, that she was really nervous to come to the show alone and ended up calling Hyeri to ask if she could join ROSÉ and without missing a heartbeat Hyeri agreed to accompany her bestie and provide her with all the support needed.

Hyeri’s YouTube channel and social media sites are full of videos and photographs of them eating in restaurants, bakeries, and cafes, as die-hard foodies. As a Christmas Eve surprise, ROSÉ delivered a food truck to Hyeri’s drama filming.

혜리 Vlog | 전지적 로제 시점! 혤🖤챙 데이트

7. Lee Dong Wook and Gong Yoo

So you are telling me all the bromance in Goblin was real!

korean celebrity friendships

The two Hallyu stars are best recognized for their great onscreen chemistry in the drama Goblin, which they co-starred in. Lee Dong Wook and Gong Yoo, like many of their co-stars, have formed a deep connection and have continued to support each other long after the show ended.

Lee Dong Wook requested Gong Yoo to come as his first guest on his debut talk show in 2019, and they even got to recreate their iconic scene from Goblin. 

You know it’s real when you are the first-ever guest at your friend’s show. 

8. Jennie and Irene

South Korea’s It Girls being besties! 

korean celebrity friendships

If you were a K-pop stan in 2019, you know the iconic video of Jennie and Irene going viral of them fighting over who is going to pay the bill. 

Back in 2019 Jennie and Irene happen to stop at LA at the same time when their respective groups’ were on a world tour. The two decided to take time out of their busy and exhausting schedules to have lunch together at a restaurant. After the meal, finally, when the bill arrived, the two were seen fighting over it. It wasn’t until 2020 when Yeri finally asked Irene, on her show Yeri Bang, who paid the bill, it was revealed to be, Jennie.

After More Than A Year, Fans Finally Know Who Paid For The Meal When Jennie And Irene Went On A Date

And here we ourselves are broke and are collecting broke friends. 

9. Kim Bo Ra, Kim Sae Ron and Lee Suhyun

The three were introduced to each other via mutual friends. They would frequently meet and have enjoyable dates from there. Suhyun, Bo Ra, and Sae Ron revealed that they fight just like any other best friends, such as when they have to choose their food or share blankets.

korean celebrity friendships

On an episode of JTBC’s Nice Alone Suhyun revealed, Bo Ra and Sae Ron even have their own toothbrushes and slippers at Suhyun’s house. She added, “I shared all the passcodes to my house in our group chat,” she said. “My house is their house.”

10. Somi and Chaeyoung

A friendship we don’t talk about much. Somi and TWICE’s Chaeyoung have been friends since their trainee days in JYPE. Even after Somi left the agency and joined The Black Label, their friendship stayed strong.

korean celebrity friendships

It is those small moments between the two that indicate their precious friendship. Neither do TWICE members appear in other idols’ TikTok nor do other idols in theirs. But Chaeyoung and TWICE made an exception for their dear former labelmate. Chaeyoung appeared in Somi’s TikTok to do the XOXO challenge with her and Somi appeared in TWICE’s TikTok along with Chaeyoung and Nayeon to do the Scientist challenge.

Prior to this Chaeyoung has also attended Somi’s reality show and expressed why she likes Somi so much. She shared, “Firstly, you have a different personality than me, I don’t talk much and you are always full of energy. Second, I feel comfortable when being with you. I can’t meet people who make me feel uncomfortable.” 

[SUB] SOMI ✘ TWICE Chaeyoung’s Brunch Date ⎮소미와 트와이스 채영이의 브런치 데이트⎮솜털이 Special Clip.02 'I AM SOMI’

Somi has also mentioned multiple times that whenever faced with any problem she always calls TWICE’s Chaeyoung and Nayeon and overall shares a very close bond with all TWICE members. She’s also famously known as the 10th member of TWICE.


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And finally, let’s thank Somi for providing us with all the goofy TikTok content with Chaeyoung.