Your ultimate guide to solo travel

Guide to solo travel
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In the era of hellacious words like self-exploration, self-actualization, and self-care, and the world being centered around “self”, solo trips need to be normalized.

Why, you ask? A solo trip stands up to be the answer to all your mental and emotional exhaustion. The rejuvenating and adventurous experience from the trip is a lifetime souvenir for you. 

The first wave of solo travel started back in around 2010 and was trending till 2019 for a reason. Solo trips allow you to reflect on your thought, unwind and learn, all at once.

A solo trip demands full indulgence and therefore requires you to come out of your comfort zone.

Guide to solo travel

While traveling solo may sound like a daunting task to you, it can be exciting if you are all prepared and know that you have to do it.

Here are a few tips that will help you plan your solo trip with safety and excitement.

Why travel alone?

Traveling alone at least once is a must. Solo travel is the ultimate of self-indulgence. It makes you familiar with a hidden version of yourself as you take a look at the outer world unfiltered from the prejudices and judgment of others.

Everything from choosing which clothes to wear to when to take rest is timed according to you. The satisfaction of making your own choices without any guilt of making others suffer is precious, and this can be achieved well on a solo trip.

Another good reason is that traveling alone can help boost your confidence to another level. If you don’t know, give it a try.

Guide to solo travel

How to travel alone?

After why, how to travel solo is a big question that needs to be addressed. It would be wrong to say that solo travel doesn’t have perils. With no companion to watch your back, you become a target for crimes and scams. Therefore, it is advised to keep some things in mind while on a solo trip:

  • Don’t appear as a tourist: Appearing as a tourist and being alone draws a lot of attention from not the very nicest people. It is always recommended to not wear a face of a lost puppy and not be in your guidebook throughout. This is what makes you vulnerable and an easy target for all kinds of misdemeanors.
  • Follow your gut: If you are unable to get good vibes from a place don’t go inside. Following your instincts can help you dodge misfortune at times. So, don’t hesitate in changing some plans if you feel that is what is right.
  • Provide your friend with the itinerary of your trip: It is good to stay in touch with a relative or friend via phone or text and provide them with a copy of your itinerary.

Guide to solo travel

  • Arrive during the day: As much as you enjoy the nightlife, some places need to be visited in the daytime. Arriving at new places and receiving help from even the kindest people may seem threatening. So, it’s better you do it during the day while the sun watches over you.
  • Be selective in trusting people: Your trust issues may work constructively for you here. Though it is okay to trust some people with some things, trusting them with valuables may put you through some harm. Con artists appear charming and someone you can trust but you have to put your wit to use and trust accordingly.

Dining on solo trips:

Guide to solo travel

Some people are really afraid of eating alone in public that it even has a name – solomangarephobia. Some of these tips would help you in coping with it for sure:

  • Choosing the right ambiance: Sitting alone and eating may look weird to you at a fancy restaurant but completely fine at the corner of a café. So it does depend on the place you choose to dine at.
  • Reading: Eating and reading are a legit combination. It makes you forget the fact that you don’t have company at that moment.
  • Eat-in: If you are still not comfortable eating alone in public, it is a great option to order food in your room and enjoy it.
  • Chat with the service people: To experience the best local color try talking to the service people. Not only they would help in finding out the best local eateries and travel destinations but will make sure your solo dine-in experience does not go too bad.