3 Zodiac signs who love the hardest (And 3 others who fear falling in love)

Zodiac signs
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It won’t be wrong to say that we all know, or might have known, someone who is a Romeo or a Juliet. Of course, we all do. Someone who is deeply in love and doesn’t hesitate in loving the hardest. For him or her, the world seems to be a happy place and whenever he or she falls in love, they do it with all their heart. They set examples of how to love and also how to be loved.

They are high on romance and have their love life sorted, not because they are lucky but because they know that their love can melt anything away.

So, if you are wondering if you, too, fall in the list, here are 3 zodiac signs who love the hardest, according to astrology. 


Zodiac signs

Don’t tell us you weren’t expecting Leo on this list. These kings and queens, or at least the self-acclaimed ones, are big-time lovers. They love with all their heart and might. They make sure they give the best to their lovers and don’t spare any opportunity of making them feel special. Even when it comes to friends and family, Leo loves the hardest. They know ways how to win people over and make them fall for themselves.


Zodiac sign

Yes. Scorpios love the hardest. They don’t usually fall in love but once they have there’s no turning back for them. They are hard to earn people for they don’t believe people easily. Their trust needs to be earned over time but in the end, all your efforts will be worth it. Scorpios will make sure to treat you like the best person in their life. Not only this, but you are also in for frequent surprises, romantic dates, and long drives when with a Scorpio.


Zodiac signs

Pisces, too, just like Scorpio, is a true lover. While they might not be expressing their love every time, however, deep down they love hard. They will secretly solve all your problems, surprise you with what you want and be with you at your good and bad times. Pisces will do everything for you once they have fallen for you, and you will never have any complaints.

3 Zodiac signs who fear falling in love

If you know someone who always runs away from falling in love and wonder why? It’s a part of their personality. Here are the top 3 zodiac signs who fear falling in love and the mere thought of love sends shivers down their spine.


Zodiac signs

A Sagittarius has suffered multiple heartbreaks which have made them skeptical about love. They fear falling in love and have a strong intuition that even if they did things might end on a bad note in their relationship. If you are likely to propose a Sagittarius, they will simply walk out of the situation without saying a word and might never see you again. Not because they don’t love you but because falling in love gives them goosebumps.


Zodiac signs

Capricorn has seen so many unhappy endings in relationships around them, that it’s hard for them to fall in love. They fear the same things will happen to them and hence, they try and run away from love. The idea of perfect love is a distant dream to them and they think it is only restricted to movies.


Zodiac signs

Aquarius are the ones who are extremely afraid of loving and getting loved. They fear disappointments, rejections, heartbreaks, and fights in a relationship. They crave a stress-free life and the idea of love usually haunts them. Whenever talking about love, you may find an Aquarius extremely disinterested in the topic and he or she might even be ready to hold a debate with you on how love is never a bed of roses.

Disclaimer: All the personality traits mentioned above are generic and for reference purposes only. These are based on your zodiacal qualities and might or might not hold true for everyone.