Apink’s Naeun shows disappointment for being unable to join group promotions

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Apink’s Naeun expresses her disappointment for not being able to join her group’s comeback performance. 

Apink just came back with their fourth studio album Horn, and its lead single Dilemma. It is remarked as the 10th anniversary special album since the group’s debut in April 2011.

Recently, member Naeun took to her Instagram to express her dismay about being unable to join the group for the promotions of this comeback. She shared some pictures from the set of the music video, and captioned them, “are you guys enjoying listening to our 10th anniversary album ‘HORN’ that we have prepared for a long time? Unfortunately, I was not able to join the promotions and I am sad but please show love to the album that we worked so hard on preparing and show lots of love and support for the members.” 


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Apink is a six-membered South Korean girl group formed by IST Entertainment. The group is composed of Chorong, Bomi, Eunji, Naeun, Namjoo, and Hayoung. The group debuted with the EP, Seven Springs of Apink, and the music video for its lead single, Mollayo. In November 2011, the group came back with their second EP Snow Pink and lead single My My, and ended up getting their first Music Show win with it in January 2012. They released their first studio, Une Année, in April 2012 in order to celebrate their first anniversary

Apink released their breakthrough hit in March 2014, Mr. Chu, from their fourth EP Pink Blossom. The song was the eighth best-selling digital song in 2014, according to Gaon’s year-end chart. The year seemed extremely bright for them as they released their fifth EP, Pink Luv in November with the title track Luv. The song was Apink’s first number 1 ranking on Gaon’s weekly and monthly digital charts, and Pink Luv topped Gaon’s weekly album chart in its first week of release. 

Apink's Naeun shares her disappointment for being unable to join group promotions via Instagram

With Luv, Apink became the only girl group to win first place on all three major Korean music shows two weeks in a row in 2014. In addition to The Show and Music Core, they also won a triple crown on Inkigayo. They closed the year by winning all of the music shows in December. With 17 trophies, Luv became the song with the most music show wins by a girl group to date. Apink was the third best-selling girl group in 2014, according to Gaon’s year-end rating.

On April 19, 2021, Apink released their digital single, Thank You, to celebrate their 10th anniversary. In the same month, IST Entertainment announced the departure of Naeun from the agency but assured fans that she will not be leaving the group anytime soon. To fans’ relief, it was true. 

Apink's Naeun shares her disappointment for being unable to join group promotions via Instagram
Credits: IST Entertainment

In December 2021, IST Entertainment announced a full group comeback with a 10th anniversary special album. But, prior to the promotions of the album, YG Entertainment (Naeun’s current agency) told fans that she will be participating in the group’s upcoming album and music video promotion, but won’t be able to be present for the comeback promotions due to conflicting schedules. 

Many fans took this as an indication of Naeun leaving Apink soon, and many accused of her ignoring her duty as a girl group member and only concentrating on her acting venture. 

Apink's Naeun shares her disappointment for being unable to join group promotions via Instagram

Naeun took the matters into her own hands and responded with the post above. Apink members have always shown nothing but love and support for each other. Naeun asking her fans to support her members and being absent from the group schedule just one time should reflect nothing but that she has a different schedule and unfortunately it is difficult to adjust it according to her group activities as she is a part of a different entertainment company now. 

We hope to see all six members together in their next comeback promotions and wish them good luck in their future endeavors.