Best shows to watch if you loved Emily in Paris

Best shows to watch

Emily in Paris is a show that is on many people’s binge-watch list. And rightly so. The show talks about love, career, and is full of drama. The show is renewed for its third and fourth season in January 2022. But what to do till the next season arrives? You can binge-watch the first two seasons though, but we have another idea, too.

Here is a list of shows that are similar to Emily in Paris and are worth your time.

The Bold Type

The Bold Type | Official Trailer | Freeform

The show revolves around a trio of millennial women Jane Sloan, Kat Edison, and Sutton Brady who are living in New York City. The women guide their lives in the big city which includes their career revolutions and romantic relationships. The show consists of five seasons. The first four seasons are currently streaming on Netflix and the fifth season is streaming on Hulu and is expected to stream on Netflix soon. 

Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl (HBO Max) Trailer HD

This teen drama-comedy based on the book series of the same name follows the lives of privileged teens at a posh Upper East Side private school and their teen issues with parents. As Emily in Paris is full of fashion, Gossip Girl is the same. The show consists of six seasons and is currently streaming on Netflix.

The Carrie Diaries

The Carrie Diaries Trailer HD

The show was a prequel to Sex and the City and is created by Emily in Paris‘ Darren Star. The show revolved around a teenage girl Carrie Bradshaw as she started an internship in the city and fell in love for the first time, and went through a heartbreak. The show never reached the sort of ratings it deserved and wasn’t able to work above Carrie’s high school years. The show ended with Season 2, however, it still deserves to be on your one-time watchlist. You can watch the show on iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon Instant Video.


SWEETBITTER Official Trailer (2018) Ella Purnell, TV Series HD

The story show revolves around a young woman finding her new life and a new job in a new place. Just like Emily in Paris, Tess finishes up in New York City and gets a job as a waitress. The show is much like darker Emily and shows how Tess finds herself as she finds a group of friends in her coworkers. She explores the culture of the city and also finds new romantic relationships. The show is streaming on Hulu and consists of two seasons.

Jane the Virgin

Best shows to watch

Jane the Virgin is a telenovela that revolves around a young woman who is accidentally artificially inseminated and the show has some love triangles we’ve seen in years. Throughout the show, Jane Villanueva is pulled between two men, Rafael and Michael, and her relationship with both men is something unique. Just like Emily in Paris, Jane is at hubs in her life. The story is about a young woman and how she grows as she overcomes barriers on the way to accomplishing her dreams. The show consists of five seasons and is streaming on Netflix.