Hawkeye Season 2 Release Date: Is Hawkeye renewed for Season 2?

Hawkeye Season 2 release date cast trailer plot kate bishop yelena belova
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After a grand Christmas, Clint Barton and Kate Bishop made it home at the end of Hawkeye season one. With Clint the retired avenger battling his inner demons, Kate Bishop assuming the role of superhero, and Yelena Belova and Daredevil’s Kingpin making appearances, Hawkeye season one had its hands full. Thankfully, everything ended rather peacefully. 

The Marvel series, set after the events of Avengers: Endgame, premiered on Disney on November 24, 2021 with the finale airing on December 22. The latest addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Hailee Steinfeld as Kate Bishop, was a treat to watch, and the whole series was so breezy and Christmassy fun! Well, what’s next for Kate Bishop and Clint Barton? Is there a season two coming? What about Yelena? What does the post-credits scene mean? Will Pizza-dog get a spin-off?

Read on for everything we know so far about Marvel’s Hawkeye Season 2.

Will there be Hawkeye Season 2?

Hawkeye Season 2 release date cast trailer plot kate bishop yelena belova
Marvel Studios

There’s been no official confirmation from Disney+ or Marvel over whether Hawkeye has been renewed for a second season, but it’s safe to assume it’ll most likely return for season two given the success of the first season.

In conversation with Buzzfeed, Hawkeye directing duo Bert & Bertie had this to say about a potential season two: “It’s exciting to hear fans clamoring for a Season 2. We can’t say anything. I think that’s when you know you’re doing something right and that people are really satisfied. They’ve been around for this rollercoaster and they want more. More Kate, more Yelena, more everything. It’s the Marvel Cinematic Universe, so these stories continue, right?”

Hawkeye Season 2 Release Date: When will Hawkeye Season 2 release?

Since Hawkeye has not been renewed yet, it’s hard to speculate on a release date. Even if production starts this year, the release date in 2023 would be the earliest for Hawkeye Season 2.

Hawkeye Season 2 Cast: Who will be in it?

Hawkeye Season 2 release date cast trailer plot kate bishop yelena belova
Marvel Studios

If Hawkeye returns for a second installment, the newest superhero, Hailee Steinfeld, will reprise her role as Kate Bishop. Providing the show with its distinctive humor, comic timing, and chaotic energy, Hailee was a major part of the show’s success. In the latest show’s making the documentary, Assembled: The Making of Hawkeye on Disney+, executive producer Trinh Tran reveals that Kevin Feige (Marvel Studios President) cast Hailee Steinfeld as Kate Bishop after just one meeting.

“I think in the back of Kevin’s mind, he had Hailee as Kate. We actually just said ‘Let’s meet Hailee, let’s just have a conversation with her and see how that goes.’ And I remember after the conversation Kevin just offered her the role right then and there. So that was pretty remarkable that we came out of that meeting shaking her hand and going, ‘Okay you’re in. You’re gonna play Kate Bishop,” she said.


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Given the on-the-roof chemistry of Florence Pugh’s Yelena Belova and Kate, fans are begging for more Yelena and Kate. If the show gets renewed, we can hope Pugh will reprise her role as Yelena. If Hawkeye Season 2 happens, Clint Barton might not appear. After 10 years in the MCU Universe and his Disney+ series, it seems like Clint’s MCU story has come to an end.

Hawkeye Season 2 Plot: What can we expect?

The strongest plot thread that the show’s creators left in Season 1 is Yelena and Kate’s relationship. It was Kate’s relationship with Yelena that intrigued fans most in Hawkeye, not Clint Barton’s. The two were a delight to watch. Clint Barton appears to have done with the Avengers mess, and he has his protégée, Kate, like Ironman had Peter Parker. Hawkeye and Black Widow have always been a pair in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 

Hawkeye Season 2 release date cast trailer plot kate bishop yelena belova
Marvel Studios

The reincarnations of Black Widow and Hawkeye must remain together because we still haven’t recovered from the emotional damage caused by Scarlett Johansson’s sacrifice. We fans deserve it. Season 1 was the Clint Barton X Kate Bishop show, so Season 2 could be primarily about Kate Bishop. Since the show ended with Kate’s superhero name being Hawkeye, we can only assume Hawkeye season two will be about Kate Bishop and her ascent to greater superhero status in a bigger world. We’re manifesting a Kate Bishop x Yelena Belova show!

Where can you watch Hawkeye Season 2?

If the Marvel show gets renewed, Hawkeye Season 2 will be available to watch on Disney+. As of now, you can stream Hawkeye season one on Disney+.