The Chair Season 2: Is it happening?

The Chair Season 2
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The academic world is a chaotic place. Professors deal with anything from furious parents to tenure refusal while students try to pass their coursework and move on to better employment. If you’ve ever wanted a firsthand look into this ruthless society, watch The Chair, a Netflix comedy-drama.

The show follows Dr. Ji-Yoon Kim, the first woman and person of color to lead the English department chair at the fictional Pembroke University. This entails a wide range of tasks, from ensuring her colleagues have the resources they require to keeping the Dean satisfied in order to keep their jobs. It leads to a lot of funny situations, but the show isn’t afraid to be serious as well.

So if you are wondering whether we will get to see The Chair Season 2, here is everything we know so far.

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The Chair Season 2 

As of February 2022, there has been no news regarding the future of The Chair and a probable The Chair Season 2, since the release of its first season in August 2021. Netflix usually waits about a month before determining whether or not to renew a new show, with fan reaction and viewing serving as a crucial signal of whether or not they wish to continue. The show is most likely ghost-canceled.

Why, you ask?

The Chair Season 2

Looking at The Chair’s performance according to newly revealed top 10 hourly data, things aren’t looking good. For a single week, the series was in the hourly global top tens. The show premiered on August 20, however it didn’t air during the first week, from August 16 to August 22. To be included, it has to be seen for more than 10.43 million hours. The series ascended to fourth place in its second week of release, with 14.02 million hours viewed on the platform.

In week three, the series dropped out of the top ten, despite the fact that it only required 9.14 million hours to beat off CoComelon. That signifies that the series’ viewership dropped by at least 35% from week two to week three.

The Chair Season 2

Things appear to be just as bad when looking at raw top 10 data for countries. The show only lasted 7 days in the overall top 10 and 14 days in the TV top 10 in the United States, where it is produced. In order to receive a renewal, we normally need to see roughly 28 days of excellent performance.Sandra Oh is presently working on The Tiger’s Apprentice, Umma, and Turning Red, in addition to continuing to star on ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy, voicing on Amazon’s Invincible, and participating in the last season of Killing Eve.

In an interview with Variety ahead of the last season of Killing Eve, Sandra Oh raised doubts about a Season 2. She shared, “No one’s called me, so I’m guessing that’s not happening. I would have loved it because I just thought that there was so much material there to potentially explore. Because the setting and the characters were established… I’m just happy that it happened, it was a great experience. But I am sad that it’s over.”

The Chair Season 2

As far as the demand of the plot is concerned, The Chair has more or less left no questions unanswered. It’s the lingering feelings of the fans towards the show that calls for The Chair Season 2.