Justin Bieber cancels Las Vegas show due to testing positive for COVID


Justin Bieber recently notified his fans that he has tested positive for COVID-19. According to Justin’s representatives he is taking all precautions and is feeling good. As a result, he has rescheduled his engagement in Las Vegas.

The Vegas event has been moved back a few months, according to Variety, with a new date of June 28. Tickets for the original concert date will be resettled , and refunds are now available to those who request them.  “Justin is of course hugely disappointed, but the health and safety of his crew and fans is always his number one priority. The tour launch in San Diego was a massive success and Justin is excited to bring this spectacular show to his Las Vegas fans as soon as possible,” the statement reads.

In addition, he was also supposed to perform in Glendale, Arizona. Justin’s ‘The Justice World Tour’ kicked off in San Diego on Friday night.

Unfortunately this is the second high-profile cancellation of a Las Vegas performance this year as a result of this postponement. Adele had to cancel a months-long stay earlier this year when her team was affected by COVID-19.

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Bieber’s recent career endeavors 

Bieber broke the all-time record for most monthly Spotify listeners on January 1, 2022, with a peak of 94.68 million monthly listeners on the site to date.  Bieber headlined the “Homecoming Weekend” event prior of the Super Bowl in Los Angeles on February 11, 2022.  The following week, Justice’s sixth song, Ghost, reached number nine on the Billboard Hot 100, giving him his 26th career top-ten success.

Bieber debuted his own clothing brand, “Drew,” in January 2019, with a variety of things with the smiling face logo or just “drew” emblazoned across the front. In February 2018, Bieber registered the name for his firm as a trademark. After a year of work with Schmidt’s Naturals CEO Michael Cammarata, Bieber launched his “Here+Now” deodorant brand in September 2019. Bieber released a limited edition of the Crocs x Justin Bieber clog, a collaboration with the Crocs company, in October 2020. The design incorporates elements from the Classic Clogs collection as well as Bieber’s distinctive yellow from his own clothes line. It was available on certain Crocs and partner e-commerce platforms, as well as in Crocs retail locations in China and South Korea and on the website of Justin Bieber’s apparel brand.

Bieber, his wife Hailey, and pastor Judah Smith visited the California State Prison in Los Angeles County in March 2021 at the request of Scott Budnick. Bieber visited with convicts at The Urban Ministry Institute and endorsed Budnick’s Anti-Recidivism Coalition. During his visit, Bieber pledged to offer transportation for convicts’ family who had been unable to see them owing to the COVID-19 outbreak in California. “It was a life-changing event that I will never forget,” Bieber said of his visit to the jail.