8 Benefits of drinking enough water

Credit: Pexels

Our body comprises around 60% water. We, humans, are recommended to drink around 8 ounces of water each day, but do we really drink that much water? Well, we often fail to consume enough fluids and therefore face consequences in the form of dehydration, fatigue, persistent bad breath, constipation, poor skin health, low energy, sugar cravings, etc.

Not only these but not drinking enough water can also cause serious health problems and hence we all must monitor our regular water intake in order to have a healthy lifestyle.

Here, are a few benefits of drinking enough water:

It regulates body temperature

Benefits of drinking water

This is quite a scientific reason stating that water is usually stored in the middle layer of skin and comes on the surface when we sweat, which leads to cooling down of our body. Our body temperature starts to rise if we don’t compensate for this lost water by drinking some more water. Hence, don’t forget to drink more water if you find yourself sweating a bit more than usual.

It aids digestion

Contrary to common belief, experts have found out that drinking water before, during, and after a meal can help in breaking down the food easily and in better digestion. Being enough hydrated can decrease the risk of ulcers and an overly acidic stomach.

It treats headache

Benefits of water

Dehydration is one of the most common causes of headaches and can also trigger migraine in some people. Many researchers have concluded that increasing our water intake can help people who experience frequent headaches.

It prevents constipation

Constipation stands to be a common problem in both younger and older individuals. You might have often heard that eating fiber can also help in preventing constipation but do you know about the importance of water in preventing the same? Many studies have found that drinking minerals or even plain water can help ease the symptoms of constipation.

It helps in weight loss

Benefits of drinking water

Water intake has been directly linked to body weight and therefore it is advised to increase your water consumption when following a diet. It is quite beneficial if you replace your sweetened drinks with water.

It helps in improving blood oxygen circulation

Blood carries oxygen and consists of about 90% water. Water is therefore helpful in carrying nutrients and oxygen to every part of our body.

It promotes good skin health

Benefits of drinking water

Not drinking enough water can cause your skin to be more vulnerable and prone to skin disorders and hence staying hydrated can help in collagen production making your skin look healthier and brighter.

It helps in the formation of saliva and mucus

Saliva is what helps you digest your food and keep your mouth, eyes, and nose moist and water is the main component of saliva. Our body generally produces enough saliva but it may change because of some medication, therapy, or even age. Therefore you should always keep a check on your water intake to avoid this.

The bottom line is that water is important nearly for each and every part of our body and therefore we should strive to increase our water intake content.