MAMAMOO’s Solar announces March comeback

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MAMAMOO member Solar is all set to make her first solo comeback!

On the midnight of February 22, 2022, KST, RBW Entertainment released a teaser, unveiling that Solar will be coming back with new music with her first mini-album, 容 : FACE (roughly translated to Yong : FACE, Solar’s Korean name). This will be her first-ever solo comeback since her debut in April 2020, with the single album Spit It Out

Meanwhile, a release date for : FACE is yet to be revealed, it is confirmed to be scheduled for March 2022.

[솔라] 容 : FACE

Kim Yong-sun, better known by her stage name, Solar, is a South Korean singer, songwriter, YouTuber, and MC under RBW Entertainment. She is famous as the leader and main vocalist of the four-membered girl group, MAMAMOO. The other members include Moonbyul, Wheein, and Hwasa. 

Solar made her debut as a singer, as a member of MAMAMOO in June 2014, with their single Mr. Ambiguous. Recognized for their retro, jazz, R&B concepts, and their strong vocal performances, their debut was considered by some critics as one of the best K-pop debuts of 2014.

Solar March Comeback
Credits: RBW Entertainment

In April 2018, Solar released her first solo EP, Solar’s Emotion. It included previously released covers of several K-pop songs and her solo version of MAMAMOO’s Star Wind Flower Sun, which she wrote herself. As the name suggests, the goal of her album was to communicate her feelings and emotions as a celebrity, MAMAMOO member, and most importantly, as an individual, through her music.

Solar also has an individual YouTube channel, solarsido. The name literally translates to “Solar’s Challenge”. Solar, much like his name suggests, takes on new difficulties in each video. Her channel has it all, from dance covers to attempting to solve CSAT questions to mukbangs, extraordinary lifestyles, and more. The channel has 3.37 million subscribers as of now.

Solar March Comeback
Credits: RBW Entertainment

Solar’s YouTube channel has a section called Just Interview, where she takes on the role of interviewer.  She has interviewed many eminent celebrities like  Park So Dam from Parasite, Aiki from the dance crew HOOK, and her fellow MAMAMOO member Moonbyul.

Solar is also known as a fitness enthusiast and noted for her physique, which is a result of her consistent workouts. Her YouTube channel features videos of her diet and exercises. Solar was placed on the cover of Men’s Health Korea magazine in August 2021, alongside personal trainer and TV celebrity Yang Chi Seung, for which she trained for two months.

Solar March Comeback

Solar, an incredibly great vocalist that she is, has shared covers of several songs with us throughout the years. Her covers span from acapella renditions to special summer or Christmas-themed versions, and even an exceptionally unique video titled Solar vs Solar: MAMAMOO B-Sides Medley Challenge, 2020 K-Pop Medley: 15 Songs in 3 Minutes, and many more. These challenges reflect her upbeat spirit and constant search for new challenges.

Fans are in disbelief but excited to hear the news of Solar returning with new music after 2 years. A fan wrote, “Um.. WHAT?!!! SOLAR COMEBACK?!!! ”. Another user added, “After 2 years we deserve a song from our queen”.

Solar March Comeback

With a mysterious vibe in the teaser, we can’t wait to see the concept photos and other upcoming teasers and know more about the comeback. Stay tuned for more updates!