Crazy Love: Release date, trailer, cast and everything we know so far about the K-drama

Crazy Love Release Date and Trailer
Credits: KBS

It is safe to say that romantic comedies are the staple of the South Korean television industry, hence, you would expect the reputation of the same storyline throughout. Fortunately and surprisingly that’s not the case. It is commendable how the industry just knows how to add a twist to these love stories and give it a USP like no other.

KBS is back again with yet another story of how do people fall for each other, with the right kind of twist.

A well-put-together CEO and his chaotic secretary are faking their engagement – sounds intriguing. Kim Jae Wook and Krystal are coming together for KBS’ romantic-comedy, Crazy Love, to serve you with some crazy comedy and romance. 

Crazy Love Release Date and Trailer
Credits: KBS

Crazy Love Plot

When a guy is told he will be murdered, he pretends to have amnesia, and when a woman is told she doesn’t have much time to live, she pretends to be his fiancée, precisely what Crazy Love is all about. 

Noh Go Jin is the CEO of GOTOP and the country’s top math instructor, who has recently received death threats. Noh Go Jin’s secretary, Lee Shin Ah, has no presence otherwise, but when it comes to honesty and responsibility, she is at the top of the company. When she learns that she has a very limited time to live, she decides to help her boss by pretending to be his fiancée. 

Crazy Love Release Date and Trailer
Credits: KBS

Crazy Love Release Date

Crazy Love is set to premiere on March 7, 2022, on KBS and will subsequently end with 16 episodes on April 26, 2022, with an episode being released every Monday and Tuesday at 21:30 KST. 

Crazy Love Trailer

As of now, 2 trailers have been released. 

The first trailer shows our main leads getting married but just when they are about to kiss, the bride attacks the groom. This particular scene may signify our male lead’s trust issues and fear of how it could be anyone around him who wants to kill him.

The second trailer gives us a better introduction to our main characters and their surroundings. 

Crazy Love Cast

Noh Go Jin, the CEO of GOTOP School and the most popular mathematics educator in the private education market will be played by Kim Jae Wook. Despite having only a high school education, Jin has accomplished all of his achievements as a result of his exceptional intelligence. With his attractive features, high IQ, and fortune, he appears to be the ideal man. He also has a narcissistic personality. 

This marks Kim Jae Wook’s second role as the primary lead, since his last Korean drama Her Private Life in 2019. 

Crazy Love Release Date and Trailer

Lee Shin Ah, Jin’s secretary will be played by Krystal. Lee is a hardworking and diligent employee. She has a minimal presence with her employer Noh Go Jin and her coworkers because of her quiet and introverted demeanor. Because she has worked for the legendary Noh GoJin for more than a year, her coworkers begin to remember her. 

Ha Joon will be portraying Oh Se Gi, one of the main leads, nothing more is known about his character yet – Maybe our second lead? Maybe the one who has threatened Jin?

K-pop group, Astro’s youngest member, Yoon San Ha, will also be seen in the drama as Lee Suho, Lee Shin Ah’s younger brother.

Crazy Love Release Date and trailer
Credits: Fantagio Entertainment

Other cast members include Yoo In Young as Baek Soo Young, Jo In as Kim Hye Sun, Lee Ji Min as Michelle Lee, Im Won Hee as Park Ang Tae, Lee Si Eon as Kang Min, Jung Sung Ho as Kim Cha Bae, Park Han Sol as Chu Ok Hee, and Lee Mi Young as Mrs. Gong.