5 Tips on how couples can resolve their frequent fights

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When we talk about relationships, conflict is something that stands to be the most inevitable thing of all. Usual disagreements and even fights may occur but what needs to be understood is that these conflicts shouldn’t be emotionally distressing for you in one way or another. Two people spending a lot of their time together with their lives intertwined are bound to fight over things ranging from what to eat to a chore being incomplete but what could be a problem is that if these fights are becoming weirdly frequent and unsolvable.

Here are a few tips on how to resolve frequent fights with your partner.

Couple fights


Creating a healthy space where you and your partner can communicate openly is much needed in a successful and long-lasting relationship. Communication doesn’t always mean that you need to discuss only the problem it also means that you discuss the positives of your relationship so that none of the partners feel that they are doing everything wrong. Feeling that you can’t talk openly in your relationship about things is a sign that your relationship is going downhill and would be experiencing frequent fights in the future.

Couple fights

Find out the triggers

Focusing on what usually triggers your fights is also a major thing when trying to avoid frequent fights. It is not only about focusing on what causes your problem but it is majorly about the knowledge you gain about the relationship when you trying to contemplate the cause and then the solution of those problems. So, when you have a fight next time do try to sit and think about what was the reason you people fought and was it even worth it?  


Couples usually complain about their partner not listening to them. Well, this is also one of the major reasons people fight frequently. No two people in a relationship are entirely the same and may have different perspectives, so why not try to listen to what the person you love has to say when in a fight.


Take time outs

When your fight is turning out to be ugly it is often important to push the reset button even if it is for 30 seconds and realize what the person means to you and how much you love them. This would help you avoid unnecessary fights.

Accept and forgive

Accepting the fact that your partner is also a human being and therefore would also commit mistakes is something that would help you a lot in avoiding conflicts. So, instead of dwelling on their mistakes and negative traits learn to leave the past in the past.

Everyone has a different love language, and you should be trying different and new things in your relationship to learn about your partner’s love language if you want your relationship to work. What couples need to understand is that fights are unavoidable but fighting in a healthy way can actually help you build your relationship even stronger.