Here’s how you can manage time effectively

Time to manage time
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Do you also feel that you are not able to make the most of the 24 hours given to you in a day? Well, this is all because of your lack of ability to manage your time.

While this may definitely sound a daunting thing to do but don’t worry because this won’t be a problem anymore as here are some tips on how to start managing your time effectively starting from today.

Focus on how are you currently spending your time

Whenever you decide to optimize your time you first need to figure out where are you actually spending your time. Start by keeping a check on what you do for a week and then weighing your productive and unproductive things as well as conversations. Once you develop an accurate sense of how are you spending your time you would surely get the courage to make your time on this earth count by making a time schedule as the first step.

Create a daily schedule

Tips to manage time

This is also one of the most crucial points that you need to keep in your mind once you have decided to use your time effectively. Putting everything on paper before starting your day would help you a lot. If you are not able to make this to-do list a day before make sure you do it the same morning before leaving your home. You will soon realize that the time you spend making this list is a lot less compared to the time you lose while deciding on what tasks to do next.

Prioritize wisely

Tips to manage time

Setting your tasks according to the priority they hold is also one of the most important points that you need to keep in your mind. While preparing this list always start by first cutting off the tasks that hold the least importance. What needs to be kept in mind while making the list is that the importance of the task is what holds more importance than the urgency of the task.

Spend your mornings on MITs

Taking care of the bigger tasks first is also a very effective tip in time management. You should always look for doing your most important and bigger tasks in the morning rather than leaving them up for the pending list.

Avoid multitasking

Tips to manage time

It may be referred to as one of the simplest yet most difficult tips to follow. Taking up multiple tasks at once can make you lose time and decrease the productivity of your work. So, don’t go on stressing about your tasks and take them up one by one.

Add buffers to your schedule

Not taking breaks at proper intervals could be very stressful and tiring for you, which eventually affects the quality of the work you do. So, don’t ever forget to take up proper breaks in between the tasks you plan to do.

Learn to say “no”

Many of us struggle in saying no, but why? What is the problem with respecting your own time and saying no sometimes? You need to understand the fact that if you are not respecting your time you cannot expect others to respect your time. So, the next time before saying yes to any plan do think about your own time commitments.