10 Hobbies to try this year

ten hobbies to try this year

Are you also getting exhausted from all that workload and are looking for things to make your days more productive, happier, and satisfying? No, we aren’t asking you to jet off to a vacation spot but instead it’s something that has a lot to do with your overall self.

We all need a medium to relax and unwind. Scrolling through social media is definitely one way but no matter if you realize it or not, it does give you more stress than relaxation. How, you ask? Doesn’t seeing you friends enjoy the best of their life while you being stuck at a 9 to 5 job make you feel sad and anxious? Of course, it does. And all those celebrities going on lavish vacations, does this not make you green with envy? We all know the answer.

To cut long story short, we all need something to kill our boredom that is just not an option but something that truly interests us.

Here is a list of some indoor as well as outdoor hobbies you should definitely try this year.


hobbies to try

There are a lot of things about calligraphy that are quite mesmerizing from buying those fancy brush pens to scribbling those lowercase e’s all over. Practicing and getting this skill down is totally worth the time you spend.

Candle or soap making

Why not give an artisanal touch to your hobbies and do something fun like soap or candle making. Try adding something homemade to create an aesthetic ambiance in your house. The bonus is that this hobby can also help you make some cute things to gift to your friends.


hobbies to try

Have you ever heard about how having plants in your home can reduce stress and increase productivity? Well, yes gardening can become a great side hobby that can be started at low maintenance.


Journaling has resurfaced as a popular hobby during the corona times. Although it completely depends on you, it’s a great activity to go for if you have an artistic side that has been suppressed by your work life. Journals can be of many different types like a travel journal if you like to travel or if your work makes you travel. It can be an art journal or even your everyday journal.

Learn an instrument

hobbies to try

With so many potential hobbies to choose from why not choose music. Learning a musical instrument would be a great leap towards increasing your creativity and relieving your stress. Studies have also stated that learning a musical instrument could also help you become smarter.


This is that one hobby that may not stay as a mere hobby and become a lifelong philosophy. The technical hobby is great for the adrenaline rush and you should definitely try this if you are an adventure freak.


hobbies to try

A real task for the brain and a way to relax from all the screen time. Solving puzzles can refresh your mind and can also be useful to come out of the block created in your work life.

Rock climbing

hobbies to try

One of the hottest hobbies, rock climbing is a great way to work out without even feeling like you are doing so. This hobby of yours can help you get mentally and physically strong. You can also make up a community of like-minded rock climbers and make it a regular hobby.


You may be all in for living on bread and butter, but trust me there is something very enchanting about mastering a recipe. Go pick up some recipe book and start working for a beautiful theme dinner which again could be a hobby in itself. 

hobbies to try


While taking out time for all other things don’t forget to pay attention to your mental health and peace, and what could be better than meditation. It helps you relax your mind and soul while keeping those negative thoughts far away.