BTS’ V breaks yet another Billboard record with Christmas Tree

Credits: HYBE Labels

BTS’ V has added another feather to his laurel cap by breaking yet another Billboard record. His song Christmas Tree has been prominent enough to bag the position of the longest charting song by a Korean male soloist on Billboard’s Global 200 Excl US. V had recorded the song as an OST for the tvN drama Our Beloved Summer. The song is still being heard all across the globe and is still a talk of the town. 

K-dramas are known for their OSTs. Every OST has its own vibe and feel to it. Some depict romance, anger and hatred while others being up beat punk music, these songs play a major role in depicting the mood of a situation and setting an overall narrative in the course of the drama. V has already sung many other OSTs as well which have been popular amongst audience as well therefore the success of Christmas Tree is of no surprise to the audience. 

Listen to the song down below:

[M/V] V - Christmas Tree :: 그 해 우리는(Our Beloved Summer) OST Part.5

The song is a lighthearted song overall that is destined to depict a deep meaning through its lyrics. The premises of the drama that the song was set in is about two lovers who fell in love but are later separated.  They reunite with the sheer means of spark they had for one another and for the work they were doing. 

The lyrics of the song capture this feeling of uncertainty, vulnerability and the idea of having good days after the dark bad ones is captured perfectly in song. Moreover, the slow music that accompanies the lyrics makes it more emotionally connecting with the audience. 

Christmas Tree other achievements

The song just spent its eighth week on the RIAS Top Charts in Singapore, extending its record as the ‘Longest Charting Korean Ost On The Chart.’ The song also topped Billboard’s Philippines Songs chart for the first time, being the first Korean OST by a Korean soloist to spend two weeks on the chart.


On February 19, 2022, V’s song Christmas Tree exceeded 20 million streams on ‘Melon,’ Korea’s largest music platform. V previously held the top spot in the Melon Weekly Popularity Award TOP 20 for four weeks in a row, breaking the record for the first and making another one with being the longest period as a male idol soloist, proving his unrivaled presence by winning not only musicality but also in popularity. 

Even though it has been 60 days since its debut, Christmas Tree has received consistent praise and has charted for a long time in both domestic and international music charts. It received over 1.2 million views on Melon’s ‘Top 100’ chart, and it is gaining attention because it has been at the top of the leaderboard for a long time. V also broke his own record as the best male idol solo with a total of 173,991 daily users, and is putting on stunning shows that attract fans and the general public at the same time with his unique passionate vocals.