6 Zodiac signs who are attention seekers

six zodiac signs who are attention seekers
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There’s always one person in a room who wants all the attention. Be it negative or positive, that doesn’t count but not getting any is a serious issue for them. And for that, they will pretend to be the most talkative of the lot and may even throw tantrums just to attract a few more eyeballs.

While you may get irritated by their behavior, it is an inevitable part of their personality.

So, before you wonder why do behave in such a way, their stars might have a role to play in it.

Here are 6 zodiac signs who are attention seekers, as per astrology.


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Let’s be honest. Most of you must be expecting Leos in the list and some may even know that these self-acclaimed kings and queens will top it. That brings us to the point that Leos are, of course, the biggest attention seekers. However, negative attention is something that they will try and avoid. They are perfectionists and want their talents to be appreciated. And whether it’s their charisma or just their strong personality, they do manage to get the desired attention.


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Scorpios, too, crave attention. Leave them in a room and they will show you how to attract eyeballs. They will manage to make people talk about them. Not only this but Scorpios won’t mind flaunting their talent if that gets them the desired attention. Above all, Scorpios will put on their best attitude when around strangers to not only get noticed but also get tagged as the nicest person on the earth.


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While Sagittarius is often thought of as shy person, the reality is they love attention. They might not always show it out in the open but give them attention and they will be the happiest. Just like Leo, a Sagittarius, too, won’t enjoy negative attention, however.


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A Libra is sweet and humble but the fact that they too are attention seekers stands true. A little bit of appreciation and positive attention and you have already won them over. While they believe in staying true to their selves, they also liked to get noticed and appreciated for it. This is why they are mostly on the lookout for powerful positions at work and won’t ever settle for anything less.


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You already knew it, right? Capricorns want to be the talk of the town. They want to get noticed, get all the attention and in the process end up receiving hatred. Not because other people are jealous of them but because they go to the next level while attracting attention. They will throw tantrums, be overly dramatic and basically do whatever it takes to get the attention. The result? Of course, negative.


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Virgos are another sign that wants attention and thrives on it. Try ignoring a Virgo and you will find them fuming with anger. Why? Because the one thing they can’t tolerate in life, apart from lack of freedom, is ignorance. They want to be in everyone’s good books, work less but get appreciated more, and always earn a few brownie points from their bosses. That’s a Virgo for you.