7 Must-have wardrobe staples every girl should own

Must have wardrobe staples
Credits: Pexels, Pixabay

One dilemma every girl finds herself in is, deciding the clothes to wear. Not making any stereotypical comments but accept it or not, us girls do face a hard time with clothes. Buying a flashy sequined dress for a party, wearing it once and then throwing it deep inside the closet till the point everyone forgets that we ever wore it and then bring it out again, just for once. Sounds relatable?

It does happen a lot. With a lot of clothing pieces, after one point we end up with an overflowing closet and still have nothing to wear. But fret not, the answer to this problem is ‘capsule wardrobe’. In simple words, capsule wardrobe means having 20-30 super versatile pieces in the closet and voila! you can mix and match and create outfits from scratch.

And to make it easier for everyone, here’s a list of must-have staples that every girl should own in order to make a perfect capsule wardrobe:

White Shirt

White Shirt

One can never go wrong with a crisply ironed white shirt. It is one of the most versatile pieces anyone can own. Tuck it in a black trouser and a black blazer, you’re all ready for a meeting, Swap the trousers with a skirt, it can work as a date outfit. If not, take an oversized shirt, pair it with a belt and make it a dress. Tuck it, leave it out, button it up, leave a few open, there’s not one right way to pull it off.

Black Blazer

Must have wardrobe staples

A well fitted blazer ignites the chic factor in any outfit. In summers it can even be worn over a dress and in colder days, one can layer it with multiple other pieces. But there are certain factors that are to kept in mind before getting a blazer. It should have enough space around the shoulders and arms so that it can be layered over other pieces but not so loose that it starts looking shabby.

Denim Jacket

Must have wardrobe staples

A good denim jacket can be paired with easily anything and it just revamps that whole look. One can pair it with a normal tee and jeans or a flowy dress, it’s just not gonna disappoint, ever. These days the oversized ones are far more in demand than the regular fitted ones however, do check if you find a certain size good on you or not. As that’s all what matters at the end of the day, loving and understanding oneself and one’s own choices. 

Tank Tops

Must have wardrobe staples

A plain tank top can go impeccably with layering. Grab a blazer on the top with a pair of skinny jeans and here we’re done for any official purposes. Or just swap it with a good pants and heels and one is party ready. Tank tops are never going out of style so that means grab a few and then you can do all the mix and match you want.

Black Trousers

Black Trouser

Another piece that actually goes a long way is a pair of Black trousers. It is one of the pieces that brings out elegance and can be paired with any and everything. Pair it with a shirt and you have your format outfit ready at the snap of a finger. If not it, then a flashy top with some heels will turn it into a good nightout dress.

Leather Jacket

Must have wardrobe staples

Leather jackets add a certain quirk and edgy factor to the outfit. It just gives the right amount of informality vibe and yet makes it look classy. You can never go wrong with leather jackets.

Plain Tees


Must have wardrobe staples

Plain tees are just like white shirts, super versatile and can be paired with just anything in the world. They are your savior when you don’t ant to spend too much time thinking of what to wear on that casual outing with your friends. Wear with a pair of jeans and sneakers, here’s the super casual look. With a skirt and an oversized shirt as a layer, it will give a lot of Hermione Granger vibes. So this too is a must for any girl’s closest dreams.