Barbarians Season 2: Is it confirmed? Release date updates, what to expect and more

Barbarians Season 2

After the success of shows like Dark and Unorthodox, Netflix has started focusing more on German content that ever before. There are news of shows like 1899 and All Quiet on the Western Front that give an idea that Netflix is all set to expand its library with the best non-English shows that are being made. In that list, there is one more name, Barbarians.

Created by Jan Martin Scharf and Arne Nolting, Barbarians or Barbaren in German, is a Netflix Original period drama that follows a rebellion by Germanic tribes led by Arminius against the the Romans who occupied Germania. The series has been renewed for a second season and Netflix Germany has dropped a release window for the same.

With this new detail, let’s dive into what all we know about Barbarians Season 2:

Barbarians Season 2 Release Date

According to What’s on Netflix, Netflix Germany confirmed that Barbarians Season 2 will be available on Netflix to stream in Autumn/Winter 2022. However, no announcement has been made for a specific date.

Barbarians Cast

Barbarians Season 2

  • Laurence Rupp as Arminius
  • Jeanne Goursaud as Thusnelda
  • David Schütter as Folkwin Wolfspeer
  • Bernhard Schütz as Segestes
  • Nicki von Tempelhoff as Segimer
  • Valerio Morigi as Metellus
  • Gaetano Aronica as Varus
  • Ronald Zehrfeld as Berulf
  • Eva Verena Müller as Irmina
  • Matthias Weidenhöfer as Golmad
  • Florian Schmidtke as Talio
  • Denis Schmidt as Rurik
  • Nikolai Kinski as Pelagios
  • Jeremy Miliker as Ansgar
  • Sergej Onopko as Hadgan
  • Urs Rechn as Kunolf the Brukteer
  • Mathis Landwehr as Eigil

Some new cast members have been added for the upcoming season:

  • Robert Maaser as Odvulf 
  • Murathan Muslu as the lead villain, Maroboduus the Marcomanni King. 
  • Andrea Garofalo as Aulus

Barbarians Season 2

Barbarians Season 2 Trailer

There hasn’t been any announcement regarding the trailer release yet, but it can expected to surface soon.

Revisiting Season 1 and what to expect from Barbarians Season 2?

The story is set in the late 9 AD, when it has been twenty years since Romans had been occupying Magna Germania and inflicting atrocities on Germanic tribes. The tribes weren’t able to get back the control of their land from the Romans due to their inner power struggle. Arminius is a member of the Germanic Cherusci tribe but currently is a eques in Roman Imperial Army as he was given to Romans by his father as a token of peace between them and his tribe.

Barbarians Season 2

When he returns to Germania for a while in order to maintain law, he saw the atrocities and issues his own people are facing. He decided to stay back and become the new chief of the Cherusci tribe to help them out of their miserable situation. With the help of Thusnelda and Folkwin Wolfspeer, he was able to unite the tribes from all over the land and started a rebellion. Then, Battle of the Teutoburg Forest took place and Germanic tribes came out to be victorious. Now, the question is what can be there in Barbarians Season 2.

Netflix Germany dropped a synopsis for the project that reads, “A year after the Varus Battle, the Roman troops have returned to Germania, stronger than ever, and Ari is once again confronted with his Roman past. His brother has joined the Roman side to punish Ari for his betrayal of Rome. While Thusnelda and Ari try to unite the tribes against Rome, Folkwin makes a sinister challenge to the gods.”