10 Best romantic movies on Netflix

Best Romantic Movies on Netflix

There are times when we just want to watch a good romantic movie and unwind. While there are a plethora of options to choose from, we may end up getting up confused as to what to watch and whatnot.

So, here we are saving you from the hassle of spending not less than half an hour in searching for a good movie and then finally giving up because there are way too many options and you can’t choose one.

Here are the best movies on Netflix to watch if you want to get into the romantic feels.

The Notebook

The Notebook Movie Trailer [HD]

A classic 90s movie and a book adaptation, this movie justify “Old is Gold.” This book follows a wonderful storyline and is the embodiment of true love, a must-watch for die-hard fans of this genre.


Newness Trailer #1 (2017) | Movieclips Trailers

A different take on adult relationships shows us how open relationships and casual affairs can escalate into passionate love affairs and long-lasting insecurities but how one should only wait to fight it out with their significant other.

Through My Window

Through My Window | Official Trailer | Netflix

The latest Spanish movie that wants us to understand complex families, obsession, teenage crushes, and love, is a story of a rich brat and the girl next door.

Tall Girl

Tall Girl | Official Trailer | Netflix

Are you insecure about the way you look? This movie talks about real-life anguish for being different and how even she deserves love. There is always the magic moment where friendship meets love and that is the case in this gem.

Love Hard

Love Hard | Official Trailer | Netflix

In the age of dating apps, it is easy to be catfished. But what if the boy agrees to help woo the real one? And what if they fall in love with each other in the process?


After - Teaser Trailer - 2019 Teen Drama

A Wattpad series by Anna Todd, this movie has three parts and wants us to see the dark side of the relationship between Hardin and Tessa. With great performance and well-created characters, this is a movie to resonate with.

Call Me By Your Name

Call Me By Your Name | Official Trailer HD (2017)

What to do when you are gay and form a deep everlasting bond with an older man? An emotional roller-coaster, this movie will make you cry at its innocence.

Let It Snow

Let It Snow | Official Trailer | Netflix

Ever wondered how multiple people can have their stories entwined with one another? Set in the Christmas season, this movie wants you to feel cheesy and cliché with the love that it portrays to you. A movie to watch for light-hearted yet serene entertainment, this is a book adaptation.

The Perfect Date

The Perfect Date | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

Can you dare to dream big? In a movie set in the hardcore USA, Noah Centineo charms us with his performance. He wants to save up money and hence starts going out on dates for money using an app being different versions of himself but eventually end up falling in love.

The Kissing Booth

The Kissing Booth | Official Trailer | Netflix

A classic teenage drama, this movie series has so many life lessons and smiles to give you, right from friendship to love and it all begins at the kissing booth, watching how a rogue turns into a hopeless romantic and how a girl finds her stance in life.

With all these movies on your list, be rest assured to have a great time chilling with your partner and some good conversations too.