6 Creative virtual date ideas if you are in a long-distance relationship

Virtual Date Ideas
Credits: Pexels

Being in a long-distance relationship is hard as it is but planning a virtual date can be a real task. When it is long-distance we tend to pay special attention to the smallest of details about each other to make up for the lack of physical presence, however, one thing that is missing and seems impossible is to plan a date. There are many ways to come up with creative and special ideas for virtual dates with your long-distance partner.

Here are some ideas to connect with your partner and have fun, even from a distance:

Plan a virtual adventure

If you and your partner are adventure seekers. Plan a day of activities to do with each other which includes visiting a lake, a short hike, or a late-night drive with them on a video screen, to a museum, or playing different games together. This way you both can be active and do these adventurous activities with a twist. Who says virtual calls can only happen at home or at a place to sit?

Cook a meal together

Virtual Date Ideas

Cooking together in one kitchen has always been a very romantic idea of a date. But doing it virtually can be fun too. So, get your partner over a video call, place your device in the kitchen and watch each other cook and even teach if your partner doesn’t know how to cook. It’s the pulling of each other’s legs and making fun of each other’s knowledge about cooking that initiates the bonding and growing closer to your loved one. Once the meal is ready, sit in front of the screen and eat together continuing the date. Here is a small tip, maybe light a few candles, get a glass of wine, or any kind of drink that you both love with a piece of soft music playing in the background.

It’s the time to disco

Cannot go dancing together? No problem. Create a vibe in your house, with dim lights just enough that the two of you can see each other through the screen and play loud music from one of your devices and just dance and show your moves!!!

The couple who works out together stays fits together

Virtual Date Ideas

Are you one of those couples who love to work out and connect through exercising together or anything fitness-related? Then why not turn it into a date. Set a time for each other and decide on various workout challenges that you will be completing together, push each other to do the best they can.

A classic movie and dinner date

Movie dates are the easiest dates to plan virtually but this time do it with a twist! Test each other’s movie knowledge with a small trivia and explore new movies together as you get to know more about each other and connect through different genres be it cheesy dialogues of Shah Rukh Khan or watching Tom Cruise, say mission accomplished at the last moment or watch another horror story.

3 Am talks

Virtual Date Ideas

Both of you had a long day? Do you miss each other? Well, why not just call each other up and sit out on the balcony with the fresh air and talk about your day. It’s always true that any kind of deep conversation you have late at night is the most honest and the most vulnerable moment and those are the best moments through which you connect well with your partner and make it part of your most special memories. These moments will make you realize that maybe that physical distance in miles or km is just a number but the true connection is right there at that moment when you are the most open and yourself. Honestly, this will be the best date you can ever have.

Try these out in your way and have the best time with your partner with a lot of pictures. Long-distance or not, dates are meant to be creative and different so go crazy.