Here are the zodiac signs that make the most underrated couples

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Credits: Pexels

Zodiac signs are the alignment of stars and planets on the day you were born that give you certain common traits and groups you among diverse people, but this is very generic. Do you believe zodiac signs are more important than individuality?

Here are five sets of zodiac signs that make peculiar yet hopelessly in love couples:

Gemini and Aquarius

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Gemini and Aquarius both are air signs and want to be free, they want to explore life on their own terms. What makes them special together is the want for love and being secret romantics, so one can be rest assured that their relationship will never lose its spark, and newness will be all around. There can be problems as their definitions of freedom can vary but their want to understand and prioritize keeps them together.

Libra and Capricorn

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Libras are always “on the go.” A Capricorn tends to be aloof and is an overthinker. They are perfectionists and choose detachment, but once in love they never want to let go. Libras are also great with commitments, they are friendly and outgoing but just know how to make space for the ones they love.

Aries and Leo

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Aries is a water sign whereas Leo, a fire sign. They go together like fire and water, where one is relaxed, cool, and still serious, Leos are great partners for the obsessive passion they possess. Aries love attention and are not expressive and an outgoing fiery Leo is just the right match for them.

Scorpio and Virgo

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Scorpios are known for their mystique and charm. They are secretive in their romantic desires and believe in the little cheesy gestures. Virgos compliment them, as they are practical, yet very mushy partners, and they can give their personality a 360-degree shift if it means their partner is happy and these gestures are what bind a Scorpio closer to their partner.

Pisces and Cancer

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Pisceans are stubborn. They are so sure about what they want to do and are outspoken. They do not mask their feelings and are great lovers. They even give great hugs and cuddles. Cancers are complicated. They tend to be confused yet stable and are easily insecure, they are smart, charming, and envious and a couple of these two dynamic signs would be a beautiful disaster as one is ready to give advice and the other is ready to listen but implement them in their own ways.

Well, zodiac signs are generalized, it is the hearts that need to unite if they want to face any odds together. No matter what the zodiac sign, try to know them better as individuals first but do keep these traits in mind to have a fruitful and long-lasting relationship.