Here’s why you need not be perfect but HAPPY couple

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Every relationship in our life matters and contributes to our mental, physical and emotional health in one way or another. And we, as humans are not bound to be perfect in any way therefore all we can look for in our relationships, is happiness. Realistically speaking, the feeling of love is not the only thing that can hold a relationship for long, we need things far more than love for our relationship to last.

What we need from our romantic partner is never perfection but love, trust, and respect that makes us happy and fulfilled in life. It is so rightly said that perfection is just a myth and not the reality of life, and so is the case when it comes to relationships and couples. We cannot just expect our partner to be perfect but all we can and should expect from our partner is to make us happy and feel loved.

Happiness is far more important than perfection in a relationship and here’s why:

Happy couple

You stress less

Being in a committed and happy relationship has proper science behind making you happy. Less production of cortisol i.e, the stress hormone is what contributes to your less stressful life when you are with someone who makes you happy. The emotional and social support and comfort that comes from your partner is also something that reduces stress in your life.

You communicate better

Happy Couple

Being happy together helps your relationship in many ways. It can instill better communication between you two, which can eventually lead to a healthy relationship. Happiness has a psychological impact on us making us do everything in our lives in a better way.

There’s better healing

Many studies have shown that people with long-term partners are more likely to provide you with emotional support tend to heal far better than the people who are single. And for that, your relationship should obviously last long which is not possible if you aren’t happy with your partner.

You become healthier

Happy Couple

A healthy and happy relationship is what motivates you towards a healthy lifestyle. You may start any healthy routine but won’t be able to follow it for long if you aren’t feeling happy and satisfied inside. This is one of the best reasons to look for happiness in a relationship.

There’s greater sense of purpose

Happy Couple

Many people struggle in mustering up the courage to do something good for themselves, but when you are with the person you love you would surely give your 100% into your life for them. This is what being in a happy and loving relationship does to a person.

We all are humans and nobody is perfect, but what matters is how you and your partner are as a couple? Are you guys compatible? Is your love strong enough that you can do wonders for it? Is it worthy of you going out of your ways sometimes to make your partner happy? If the answers are yes, you have found your one.