How to know if you are in a toxic relationship

toxic relationship

No relationship is meant to go smoothly, without you having to experience any problems but you usually get through all this if your relationship is a healthy one. However, there are times when we tend to mistake a toxic relationship for what we think is just a phase in the relationship. 

We fail to see visible signs and often think that things will be better soon only to realize that they actually become worse with time.

Here, are some points that would help you know if you are in a toxic relationship.

There is no effort

Toxic relationship

Just being physically present in a relationship doesn’t count. You being present and not helping in any sort doesn’t really help. If you feel you are the only one making efforts, showing love, making plans to spend some together time, and share things, well my friend your relationship may be going downhill and might be toxic. Here, all the love, efforts, and compromise come only from you and you would soon start to feel exhausted committing to a person so less involved.

Your ‘no’ is unacceptable

One of the most important words in a relationship is ‘no’. You don’t need to strike the word ‘no’ off your dictionary in order to please your partner. A loving and caring partner would understand that you will not always agree with them and that is completely okay. If you are only respected when you have a ‘yes’ to say, it’s time to say no to that relationship. 

Your needs are constantly ignored

toxic relationship

Do you feel that you are the only one who takes your partner’s needs and wants into account, and they never do so? Well, this is the time to know this is not what a healthy relationship looks like. You should have the space to open up about your needs be it security, validation, or sex, and not end up with the feeling of emptiness or resentment every time you try to talk about them.

Controlling behavior

The need of being in control all the time is what toxicity in a relationship looks like. You need to know about all their plans, they are not free to do what they want and have to plan according to what you want or need is not love and may be suffocating and toxic. A relationship is always 50-50 and both you and your partner should have equal rights over the relationship.

Physical or emotional abuse

toxic relationship

This point doesn’t even need any explanationYou know they are the deal-breakers. Whenever you experience being abused physically, mentally or emotionally take no time in getting out of that relationship.

Patterns of disrespect

Constantly being late, casually forgetting things, and then defending these things are signs of disrespect. Some people may genuinely struggle with these things but what you need is to talk about how this bothers you and see if your partner is even trying to change or not. 

You feel stuck and bad all the time

You already have a lot of things to worry about and stress over in this world and your relationship with the person you love should be your happy place. You should be happy to be with that person and not sleep and wake up hollow each day. If you feel any of these feelings do talk to your partner about it and see where things go.