9 Things to keep in mind if you are looking for a partner online

Things to keep in mind
Credits: Pexels

Looking for partners online-using social media and dating apps is such a common thing to do. Gone are the days when people waited for their magic moment to happen, now people initiate that moment, and let us just accept that this is the new world today.

However, if you are in favor of the idea of online dating you must realize that, at times, it comes with a price. Hence, it’s imperative to take to online dating responsibly and make sure you are with the right person and not someone who’s just there for conning people. 

Here are a few things that you must watch out for if you are looking for a serious relationship online, else you will be more hurt than healed:

Communicate your intentions

Things to keep in mind

Many people use dating apps for getting casual dates and hangouts. In case you are looking for a long-term serious relationship, do make it clear in the beginning to avoid hassles and miscommunication later as the trust comes into the picture here. It is even more difficult to decipher as you barely know the person or have not met them at all and one has to choose their comfort in this situation.

Have free-flowing conversations

Do not have a set of topics to talk about, talk about anything and everything and let their spontaneity surprise you. Start from books and end at Cricket, that is how vivid your range should be to find both commonalities and differences.

Initiate calls and video calls

Things to keep in mind

Go old school in the “new” way. Talk on calls and video calls as that will tell you a lot about their schedules, lifestyle, and how they want to make time for you. You can also try playing a few games like Wordle, doing TeleParty, and sending each other food.

Do not be too quick to judge

One needs to be patient yet understanding. People take time to open up or overshare at times. Do not make them feel guilty over it and give them another chance as your one judgment can change the way you look at them.

Do not be too quick to get impressed

This also implies that assuming and being impressed quickly can lead you to set expectations, which are often crashed in a virtual setup, so feel free to talk about it but do not presume and be impressed.

Think and plan before meeting

Things to keep in mind

One really wants to meet their online crush, but remember, the “firsts” need to be special and careful, too. If you are meeting someone, don’t forget to set a wonderful location that resonates with your personality, ask the person out for a date officially to show it matters to you and then just go with the flow. However, don’t forget to inform your close ones about this special first meeting so if anything goes downhill, you will have someone to save you.

Know enough to understand what you are getting into

Proposals and ask-outs make anyone feel special. But, does that mean you give in immediately? No. Make sure you have met and spoken enough to trust each other and feel comfortable, and beyond that let the relationship and bonding be the steering wheel to where it goes.

No ghosting

Things to keep in mind

If you feel something is off, do not start ghosting a person, it breaks their morale and makes them feel it was all in vain, instead communicate all that you felt and have uncomfortable conversations.

Be clear about your emotions

It is good to do everything at the spur of the moment for someone’s happiness but over time you choose not to tell to avoid hurting the person in front of you or you are too upright about it express but be diplomatic to have a healthy relationship.

All these steps will help you be cautious and find someone, who helps you believe in the love story of your dreams, so good luck and keep trying.