Bullet Train Trailer: Brad Pitt steals the briefcase and also the show as an assassin in this action-drama

Bullet Train Trailer

A Brad Pitt movie that is whacky, comedy, and full of thrills? Well, the wait is now over as Bullet Train is set to hit the theaters on July 15, 2022.

If you have been waiting for what excitement does the movie has on offer, the recently released trailer does give you a sneak peek into it.

The much-anticipated trailer is both interesting and understated. It shows Brad Pitt in the role of an assassin which makes this all the more anticipated. We also have Joey King, Sandra Bullock, and Lady Gaga to keep us wondering about how adventurous this movie will be.

The movie is set in Japan and has the name originating from there. Bullet Train’s trailer has Brad Pitt fighting with a policeman on a bullet train where silence needs to be maintained. They are not allowed to even squeak in pain. This can be a mockery of the culture but we will let the movie answer that question for us.

BULLET TRAIN - Official Trailer (HD)

We also get to see Bad Bunny playing a cocky role as he tries to put our protagonist in a state of confusion about the turn of events.

There is not much to be known about this movie due to its versatility and this is what should pique the audience. This movie is still underway shooting and shall be there for you once done. 

Bullet Train began filming in 2020 but had to be delayed due to the pandemic. It is produced by the same producers who gave us the famous Deadpool 2. So dialogues are going to be a fiasco for sure.

Bullet Train is presented to us by Sony studios and directed by David Leitch who has actively updated us about the filming sequence using his Twitter handle. David Leitch was a stunt double to Brad Pitt and is the director of his film today, this does look like a remarkable journey to embark on.

Bullet Train is set around a briefcase and the rivalries of assassins as the bullet train takes them across the city. Now what the suitcase had and why are there so many people protecting and stealing it, is another question the movie will answer. See how all the problem makers and the police despite being in the same train, try to out win each other.

Shocking was Joey King’s appearance, as after her famous role in The Kissing Booth this role is rather contrasting and challenging.

This cast will be a feast to the eyes and one should definitely put this on their list of movies to watch in theaters in 2022.