Top Boy Season 2: Release date, trailer, cast, plot and more

Top Boy Season 2 2

“It’s just mad that we’re here again, innit.”

Keep calm, Top Boy is back. Top Boy is a British crime drama that was first aired on Channel 4, back in 2011. However, was dropped by the channel and created an unsure environment regarding the release of a second season. The series was an actual blast among the viewers. So much so that the Canadian rapper Drake took it to himself from its revival and took the position of the executive producer for Top Boy Season 2. He has proposed to completely fund the third season of the series as well.

With the news of its release, let’s dive into all what we know about Top Boy Season 2.

Top Boy Season 2
Credits: Netflix/Instagram

Top Boy Season 2 Release Date

The series is in post production yet. However, after years of waiting, Top Boy Season 2 will be available on Netflix to stream on March 18, 2022. 

Top Boy Season 2 Trailer 

The trailer of one of the most highly-anticipated series, Top Boy Season 2 has finally surfaced. The constant tension, the artists’ portrayal of emotions, inner conflicts of the drug cartel, everything is just so on point.

Top Boy Season 2 | Official Trailer | Netflix

The aspect that hook the audience to this particular series is the authenticity of the streets, the functioning of cartels, and how it steals away the joy and innocence of kids who find themselves drowning in this quicksand of a business, each of which is clearly portrayed in the trailer.  

Top Boy Season 2 Cast

  • Ashley Walters as Dushane
  • Kane Robinson as Sully
  • Shone Romulus as Dris
  • Malcolm Kamulete as Michael
  • Giacomo Mancini as Gem
  • Sharon Duncan-Brewster as Lisa
  • Xavien Russell as Michael
  • Ricky Smarts as Jason
  • Noah Maxwell Clarke as Shaheed
  • Paul Anderson as Mike
  • Andreas Andreou as Collins
  • David Hayman as Joe
  • Darren Morfitt as DC Mark Leko
  • Clare Burt as DC Vicky Trovell
  • Kasey McKellar as R-Marni
  • Jo Martin as Zoe
  • Lorraine Burroughs as Rhianna Parkes
  • Nabil Elouahabi as Mr. Mustapha
  • Benedict Wong as Vincent
  • Chiefer Appiah as Ninja
  • Jordan Bernard as Trevor
  • Ashley Thomas as Jermaine
  • Daniel Green as Rafe
  • Weruche Opia as Nafisa
  • Monique Day as Nevaeh
  • Andrew Lawden as Dardan
  • Howard Curtis as Curtis
  • Dan Connolly as Tim Braithwaite

Top Boy Season 2

Top Boy Season 2 Plot 

Set in fictional Hackney estate of Summerhouse, Top Boy Season 2 will pick up the story in 2013, two years after the events of Season 1. The story follows Dushane and Sully as they build their drug empire from scratch in the inner parts of London. But now there is a rift between the duo. With Jamie in prison, things aren’t looking good for Dushane. Making the hole bigger in his boat, an undercover operation comes into play targeting him while London Fields gang is leaving no stone unturned to expand their business territory. The series will dive deeper into the how and why’s of the crime world and bringing individual stories to light.