Top psychological thrillers that are mind-boggling and make for must-watch

Top psychological thrillers
Credits: Pexels

The mind is, often, a complex place to be. It shakes souls. Sometimes, it can be a wonderful place to be in, while the other times it’s not a desirable place to dwell in.

The complexity of psychology is what that keeps makers experimenting with the genre of psychological thriller. Such movies keeps you on the edge-of-your-seat and the climax, often, makes you bite your nails and leave you thinking ‘What’. 

So, if this genre thrills you and makes you “think”, and you are on the lookout for movies that will serve your purpose, here is a list of movies to watch for a mind boggling experience.


Split Official Trailer 1 (2017) - M. Night Shyamalan Movie

Ever thought how it would be to live in a body with Dissociative identity disorder, and not one or two but more than 40 of them! A movie set to blow your mind away, it is dark, sinister and addictive, but definitely it is quick to mess with your head so be careful. This movie has two more movies in its collection and gets more disturbing with time.

Invisible Man

The Invisible Man - Official Trailer [HD]

A movie that starts slow, and then, you are addicted to it waiting and wanting to know more, it talks love, relationships and so many more things speaking of which would be a plot give away. Do not confuse this with the book as it is a very different concept in itself and a fresh story with the same name.

The Black Phone

The Black Phone - Official Trailer

How to deal with a psycho kidnapper? A tinge of the paranormal, with a great story in the backdrop, this story will discover and unravel a lot of truths about abandonment issues to you. The children have woven the story so well together, that it looks almost real to be. The phone is the main character too, and you shall definitely watch to find out how.


Run starring Sarah Paulson and introducing Kiera Allen | Official Trailer | Netflix

A mother’s love is ultimate and supreme, but what to do if this belief is questioned when a daughter unravels truths about her mother. Set in the suburbs of the USA, a movie set to whack your nerves, and a great thriller, this movie is a strong recommendation.

Wrong turn-The Foundation

Top Psychological Thrillers

While every Wrong Turn movie deals with Cannibalism, this one is different with the plot. It wants to see the psychology of cults and is a movie for you if you like The Purge as it talks about the behaviors of closely knit groups, and the concept of a “Better USA”.


Halloween - Official Trailer (HD)

The entire psychopath serial killer series is the one that keeps you on the edge as the face of Michael Myers is never revealed and the need for survival makes this cat-rat race a greater guilty pleasure to watch.


What if you are stuck in a lift with unknown people only to find out one of you is the devil? This movie keeps you hooked to find the answer and plays with your mind really well as it wants you to think but suddenly breaks your line of thought and shifts your focus to another.


Eli | Official Trailer | Netflix

What if you are infected with a rare disease? But what if the place you are kept at for medical help unravels new secrets everyday? An engaging fast paced thriller, this movie has a small boy be the protagonist and that is what makes this more Psychologically and diabolically eerie.

The Privilege

Top Psychological Thrillers

A latest German movie on Netflix, The Privilege talks about teenagers, trauma, drugs and depression, but all with a twist. You are wondering even with the end as to what happened and unfortunately you would still not have any answers.


Parasite 기생충 - Official Trailer

A classic award winning Korean movie, no details of this movie can be given out except the fact that this can be anyone’s story, it is simple, with normal characters, yet a very powerful movie to behold.

You can be rest assured that while you might relate to some, and resonate with others, you will surely be messed in the head for the simple fact that these movies have such strong scripts, wonderful twists and turns, a great direction along with actors doing justice to the genre itself. So, keep these movies on your list for a discussion-filled and mind-boggling movie night.