9 Tips that will help you give your home bohemian touch

Boho home decor ideas
Credits: Pexels

Have you also seen the bohemian trendy homes and been fascinated by the style it incorporates through the patterns, colors, and texture? For anyone who wants to aesthetically bend traditional rules of design and fill their home with culture and life, bohemian styling is the way to go for.

Becoming pretty mainstream and easy to execute you can find this perfectly undone style of décor everywhere from your favorite café to a clothing store. Owing to its origin in early 19th century France, the bohemian style is perfect for the people like writers, artists, etc., who lead a free-spirited life.

If you are planning to give your place a bohemian touch, here are some tips that could help you succeed in it.

1. Go for bold colors and patterns

A bohemian-styled place and not having bold colors and patterns, what are you even thinking about? Well, this style is all about earthly colors like the different tones of browns and greens. Other than this you should also not forget to add some striking textures and patterns to your place.

2. Choose vintage furniture

bohemian home decor

The place to look for the furniture that would be giving your place a bohemian touch isn’t any fancy website but your local artisan’s store. These pieces aren’t just bought all at once but are collected over time giving a perfect finish to the place.

3. Opt for low-level seating

Boho philosophy is all about sitting back and relaxing on your couch. Choose floor cushions, leather puffs, and other low seating furniture is what invites your guests to sit and relax for a while.

4. Embrace what’s natural and handmade

bohemian home decor

Inspired by individuality and unique designs you will find a variety of natural and homemade items at a boho-styled place. This may include all types of fabrics and other things as well. Stuff all the love you received to your place and give it a special touch.

5. Minimize the ‘black’

Sticking to light and bright wood and avoiding big dark wood items. These dark patterns and textures are definitely what you are looking for when going for chic bohemian décor.

6.  Go for more and more plants

bohemian home decor

Plants! Plants! and more Plants! Well, what’s the meaning of boho décor if it doesn’t have at least 3 plants? Plants are something that brings in a relaxed and calming ambiance. 

7. Add fragrances

Underestimating the power of a good scent is something you should avoid while styling your place. Just like how a good perfume completes your look, a good scent completes the look of your place. So, don’t hesitate in opting for scented candles, essential oils, etc.

8. Make the place look worn

Giving a worn-out look to your place doesn’t mean that you have to purposely damage your fabrics and stuff. All you need to choose is designs like fringe, crochet, macramé, and burlap.

9. Throw away your styling book

Following some styling book is definitely what you don’t need at all when opting for bohemian style. What you need to keep in mind is that minimalism is not the key. Just follow your heart and put it all in for giving your place a bohemian touch.