Beware of THESE zodiac signs when they are angry

Zodiac signs
Credits: Pexels, Pixabay

Do you also lose control over yourself when angry? Does your anger makes you say words that you would have never said otherwise? If the answer is yes, you know you are not the one that people would like to mess with when angry.

While you may be wondering what makes you so bad with anger, stars may have a role to play in it.

And if you are the one who doesn’t have anger issues but wants to know why some people become so dangerous and tough to handle while angry, astrology may be determining it to some extent.

Here are 7 zodiac signs that are the most difficult to deal with when angry.


Zodiac signs
This passionate, fiery and angsty sign is calm in general, but the second they are hurt by someone close, a different side to them is revealed, they believe in prolonged anger which comes out on you in a burst or a fit and you would be left wondering “Why”?


Zodiac signs

This sign loves to keep everything to themselves, they are not short-tempered, but their anger is like an episode of loathe that tends to make everyone around them cautious of their presence as their calm self is now spitting facts, rather more hurtfully now than ever.


Zodiac signs

Aquarians are fond of their independence and the second anyone compromises it for something trivial, or what they believe is not worth it they can get brash and complicated. They would rather take pride in silent treatment than communicating and would not even let you find out why they are angry and this makes them a dangerous sign to deal with.


Zodiac signs

Pisceans are stubborn and cause a brawl when their line of reasoning is not matched. They can be abusive and get sassy but tend to withdraw for long periods of time where they cut off communication, and this can break relationships in the long run.


Zodiac signs

Aries has the scariest anger, multiple reports say it. This air sign is extremely strong headed and egoistic that they are not willing to take any criticism until they ask for it and deal with their anger by feeding it with loneliness, you would not find them ranting to a friend and this makes it so difficult to deal with.


Zodiac sign

A sign so mysterious that everyone says, “Are you the devil personified?” Ruthless, observant, stark and spontaneous, the temper of Scorpio is rather dramatic and can be full of tantrums if it is towards someone they cherish, they can be great listeners even when they are angry but do not fail to argue giving valid facts.


zodiac signs

A sign not many people believe can be furious, the Libras are so full of themselves and others, that the anger confuses, hurts, and causes them to self loathe, they distress themselves even on the little things and can be termed over possessive for the ones they cherish.

Now that you know how these zodiac signs react when they are angry, take notes and understand how to treat or be treated in such situations as this time too shall pass.

Disclaimer: All the personality traits mentioned above are generic and for reference purposes only. These are based on your zodiacal qualities and might or might not hold true for everyone.