Here’s why you need to accept and love yourself

accept and love yourself
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We, humans, have this tendency to put ourselves down and regularly point out our flaws. This way, we end up not accepting ourselves and try everything to change ourselves, be it in terms of the way we look, our behavior, personality, habits and even our thinking because the validation from others and their opinions tend to become more valuable for us than what we think about ourselves.

This way people-pleasing becomes an unconscious effort but in reality, it is a losing battle. The battle is about how compassionate you can be to yourself and how much can you love yourself through every thick and thin you go through. Independence and self-reliance are the signs of winning this battle of self-love. 

But why do you think it’s necessary to accept and love yourself? Here are some reasons that can put us into some thought:

More room to heal

accept and love yourself

Loving and accepting who you are, makes you more open and aware of self-importance. An individual tends to come to terms with the fact that there will be many possibilities to get hurt but it’s the fact that it is also possible to heal from all the rough patches you go through in life that boosts the healing process.

Making healthier choices

accept and love yourself

Once you start loving and accepting the kind of person you are, it gives you the idea of  what is right and what is wrong for you and what situation works best with your feelings and your strengths. Thus, keeping all of these in mind, it will be an open forum to make healthier choices to lead a happy life with yourself. 

Act of forgiveness is your friend

accept and love yourself

We often find ourselves in a situation where forgiving ourselves becomes harder than forgiving others. Only if you forgive yourself then only you can move ahead and look at life with a clearer mind. Thus, accepting responsibilities for your actions becomes easier and healthier. 

Now that we know a few reasons as to why it is important to love yourself, it’s time to figure out different ways to make that happen:

Overcome the inferiority feeling

There must have been so many tiny incidents in our lives when we would have surprised ourselves by getting something done when we least expect ourselves to do. It’s this inferiority feeling that holds us back from going for what we really want. Just a little attention to ourselves and towards our strengths and weaknesses will help boost our confidence. 

Admit your mistakes

accept and love yourself

Sometimes all we need to do is look into the mirror for a few moments and give ourselves that time to analyze and be honest with ourselves about our own mistakes. It’s about figuring out what leads to those mistakes and how they can be treated. Admitting them can lead to the next step of forgiving ourselves and moving on. 

Go easy on yourself

accept and love yourself

Being compassionate to yourself is the best way to be treated by yourself. Too much pressure and being hard on yourself can have negative consequences and at the same time affects your confidence. Accept and empathize with yourself, which brings a sense of warmth and comfort. Give yourself that time.

All these reasons are easier said than done but they are not impossible, it’s the patience and determination which gets tested here and the end of achievement happens when you can look at yourself in the person, looking at a confident individual who is very proud of themself.