The Principles of Pleasure: Release date, trailer, plot and more

The Principles of Pleasure Season 2 Release Date
Credits: NETFLIX

Netflix’s new latest series, The Principles of Pleasure, featuring narrator and comedian Michelle Buteau, is all about exploring sexual intimacy through the views and eyes of women from different backgrounds.

This series becomes part of a very serious and honest discussion about sex, body positivity, masturbation and all the myths associated with female pleasure and desires. 

Here is everything we need to know about the documentary series The Principles of Pleasure.

The Principles of Pleasure Release Date

According to the announcements, the series will be officially released on Netflix on March 22, 2022. 

The Principles of Pleasure Trailer

The trailer was released on March 3, 2022. 

The Principles of Pleasure | Official Trailer | Netflix

What can we expect from The Principles of Pleasure?

The audience will be expecting various real-life stories shared by different women from various backgrounds and different experiences sharing their personal lives related to desires, sexual intimacy and other experiences, be it good or bad. We will get to see different perspectives on pleasure and what it means to these women based on their real-life experiences.

A lot of relatable content and thoughts are portrayed that will reach an audience helping them talk about their stories and encourage women all over the world to break the taboo and talk about female pleasure. This is very different from series like Sex Education as it tries to give us reality checks from time to time. There are women from different walks of life whether scientists, common women, technicians, all different- of a different age, caste, creed, profession but all – women.

The Principles of Pleasure

The Principles of Pleasure Plot

The plot revolves around bridging the orgasm gap. The main idea is to reach a wider women audience and helping them step out their insecurities and a mind that must be filled with million questions about pleasure as their context, this way creating sex-positive ideologies and perspectives. At the same time giving them the assurance of confidently engaging and exploring their own pleasure with their own term in their sex lives. 

Most of the countries and cities all over the world have understood the importance of sex education and sex-positivity but it’s the implementation of this idea is where we go wrong. Most of the myths and taboos include the arguments against female pleasure and orgasms, among women. Thus, this does nothing but create a huge gap with masturbation increasing more than the gender gap and this results in a negative reaction and effect on women like shame, negativity, low self-esteem, struggles in engaging in any kind of sexual activity with their partner and insecurities when it comes to their bodies.

The Principles of Pleasure Release Date
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The series aims to talk about sex and, in fact, more than anything orgasm. It’s imperative to know where the clitoris is, and, if fact, knowing where your clitoris is power, as said by one of the women who features in the trailer.

Women are even tabooed against oral sex and pleasures and this documentary series will definitely be an answer to them. The style of filming is documentary but still nothing about it seems boring and is rather very steamy yet informative.

So, if you want to know a bit more about your bodies and are willing to fill the orgasm gap, this one is a must-watch.