Here’s how to accept your partner’s flaws

How to accept your partner's flaws
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Everything seems fine in a relationship until the honeymoon phase is over and you realize that no matter how compatible you two are, there are still some habits of your partner that will make you sometimes go mad at them.

But this is something you cannot do anything about as they are embedded deep inside them and are a part of their nature. What you need to do is accept them so that you are able to make a sweet relationship.

Here are some tips on how to accept your partner’s flaws.

How to accept your partner's flaws

1. Acknowledge and accept your own flaws

The foremost thing you need to do is accept that you also have many flaws and your partner also copes with them. We all come with some sort of baggage and knowing no one is perfect, not even your partner is important. Once, you start accepting your own flaws you will see how easy it becomes for you to accept your partner’s flaws.

2. Don’t take them personally

How to accept your partner's flaws

Knowing that your partner’s flaws are not a personal attack on you. These flaws are nothing but a part of their nature and these characteristics should not make you hate them but rather make you love them even more.

3. Don’t compare them to your ex

Comparing your partner to your ex is never going to help. You saying, “I never had to deal with this kind of thing with my ex” is not at all what you should ever be saying. Both your ex and your current boyfriend are different people and have different qualities as well as flaws, so just try and accept that.

4. Re-evaluate the seriousness of their flaws

How to accept your partner's flaws

Have you ever considered that you maybe are getting mad at something that wasn’t even that big? Well, this sometimes becomes a big issue and can affect your long-term relationship in many ways.

5. Check your expectation

What you need to keep a check on are your expectations. Expecting your partner to be perfect is not something that is realistic. You need to embrace their flaws by being realistic, and not live in that ideal world where everyone is perfect.

6. Know the difference between flaws and deal breakers

How to accept your partner's flaws

We all have flaws and some of them are very annoying and can trigger us in many ways. But knowing the real difference between flaws and actual deal-breakers is the point. Are those flaws just annoying or are mentally exhausting you? When they start to affect you mentally that is a deal breaker. 

7. Focus on the positive traits more

Maybe your partner is not able to sit through your whole story without falling asleep, but he is your best adviser. Focusing on your partner’s positive traits can help you a lot in ignoring and accepting their flaws for the sake of your love.