Trivia Quest on Netflix: Everything you need to know

Trivia Quest Release Date
Credits: NETFLIX

Netflix is working day in and out to expand the genres of shows the platform offers. From true-crime, period drama, romance, to sitcom, animated and more, here you say it and you have it. However, Netflix isn’t restricting itself to the classic genres, but ready to explore what’s called interactive style. 

Interactive refers to a scenario where there’s a background story but it unfolds on the basis of the answers the viewer gives of the questions posed in between the story. Remember Cat Burglar? It was an interactive animated show where the viewers got to help Rowdy the Cat evade Peanut the Security Pup to steal a prized painting. The questions are posed between the story with a time limit: you answer correctly, Rowdy moves forward; you answer incorrectly, Rowdy dies. Simple. Trivia Quest is also somewhat like that.

Trivia Quest Release Date

Trivia Quest Release Date

Trivia Quest will premiere on the streaming platform on April 1, 2022. 

Trivia Quest Trailer

Netflix recently released the trailer of the new interactive special and say it or not, it looks just so adorable and fun. The story will follow Willy, and, of course, us, on the journey to save the best minds of Trivia Land from the captivity of Evil Rocky. But trust me it’s not going to work if you’ll lay back and leave the whole rescuing responsibility on Willy’s shoulders.

In the course of the journey, you’ll be given a set of questions to brainstorm on. Answer them correctly, Willy will be one step ahead in the journey, if not, his friends will be stuck with Rocky forever. To free the friends, one needs to collect ten knowledge keys by answering the trivia questions and you know what makes it more interesting? One can always go back to the previous episodes to crack the questions they failed to in the first attempt.

The trailer of the same has surfaced and it has a very similar animation style to Tom and Jerry. Go take a look:

Trivia Quest | Official Trailer | Netflix

Trivia Quest Episodes

The series will release 30 episodes, starting from April 1, in the format of one episode a day. Each episode will have 24 questions in total, out of which 12 will be standard and rest will be hard. The series will cater to audiences of all age groups but at some level, is inclined slightly towards the adolescents. On that basis, the questions will be from a range of subjects and categories like Entertainment, Civics, Science, History, Society, Art, Sports, Geography and more. So the show can be expected to a head scratching experience rather a mere cake walk.