6 Things to discuss with your partner before getting married

Things to discuss with your partner
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Falling in love is easy but staying in love takes a lot of hard work and effort. Marriage is the biggest commitment when it comes to relationships. And getting married is not a joke, you need to make sure that you are on the same page with the person you are about to marry.

And if you want a happy, if not perfect, married life, it’s imperative to know each other’s expectations and sort things out before you are into the institution of marriage.

Here are a few things you should surely discuss with the person you are about to marry.

1. Place where you want to live

Things to discuss

Yes, we don’t know what life has in store for us, or where is it going to take us in the future but the location where you guys are planning to live for the next few years is very important. No matter where you are living now you still need to discuss your future residence. You also need to keep things like career, children, and your respective families while having this discussion.

2. Children

Things to discuss

Discussions on whether you both want to have children or not is important? If yes, then how many? What way of conception are you guys going to choose? What you also need to discuss is how are you going to raise your children, how are you going to split your chores after you have children and many more things.

3. Finances

Finance can sometimes be a tough topic to talk about but it also stands out to be a very important topic of discussion before you are giving a lifetime commitment. Discussion about your personal debts, the importance money holds in your life, the way you wish to spend money in the future, etc. is much needed. These types of discussions are needed when you guys are wanting to add transparency to your relationship.

4. Both the families

Things to discuss

You both should also discuss how you are going to deal with both your families? What are your expectations from your partner towards your family? What kind of involvement would you and your partner like and want? This kind of discussion is much needed when you people are deciding to spend your lives together.

5. Importance of career

A career is something that can hold a lot of importance to any or both of you guys, and discussing about you both understanding the importance of each other’s career and respecting it mutually is important for a relationship to last. You both need to be clear of what importance your career holds in your life and what are your expectations regarding the same from your partner.

6. Your deal-breakers

Everyone has that thing that can make them lose all their love and respect for you at once, what you need to discuss with your partner is what that deal-breaker is? Having this discussion before a big commitment like marriage is important as you should both be knowing what would happen if that thing happens. You both can also discuss its consequences and how to further deal with it.