Secrets of Summer Season 2: Renewed or Canceled?

Secrets of Summer Season 2

Secrets of Summer, originally known as Cielo Grande, is a Spanish teen drama television series, also available on Netflix. It follows Steffi, a promising wakeboarding athlete from Mexico, as she travels to the Argentinian resort Cielo Grande for a major wakeboarding competition. She aspires to uncover a huge family mystery that has been kept hidden within the resort, in addition to competing in the sports contest. Steffi quickly establishes a strong sense of belonging among the volunteers, especially Luz. To get through the summer, the gang must cope with rivalries and family connections while navigating the waters of teen romance and friendship.

Because of its engaging storyline, detailed portrayal of parent-child interactions, and refreshing performances by the show’s main cast members, the show’s first season was well received by both audiences and critics. As a result, fans are eager to find out whether or not they will be able to see their favorite characters embark on new adventures in a brand new season, Secrets of Summer Season 2.

Secrets of Summer Season 2
Credits: Netflix

Secrets of Summer Season 2 Release Date

The first season of Secrets of Summer premiered on Netflix on February 16, 2022. It has a total of 11 episodes, each of which lasts between 21 and 37 minutes.

The show’s producers have yet to make an official statement on whether Secrets of Summer will be renewed for a second season but Netflix has already confirmed Secrets of Summer Season 2. For those, who have watched Season 1 will know that Netflix has already shown the message on it’s official site, which reads, ‘It’s official. Another Season is coming soon’.

That said, it was obvious for Secrets of Summer Season 2 to happen given the massive popularity of Season 1 among fans, which has resulted in huge demand for more seasons.

Season 1 ended on an intriguing note, implying that there is room for the story to be stretched even further and that there are story arcs to be addressed. 

However, in order to find a release date for Secrets of Summer Season 2 we will have to wait for the announcements.

Secrets of Summer Season 2
Credits: Netflix

Secrets of Summer Season 2 Cast

We can expect Pilar Pascual and Abril di Yorio to return their roles as Steffi and Luz in Secrets of Summer Season 2. Pilar Pascual and Abril di Yorio will reprise their roles as Steffi and Luz if a second season is made. Almost everyone from their friend circle, including Guido Messina (Julian), Luan Brum (Charlie), Thais Rippel (Nati), and Victor Varona (Tony), is expected to return in the sequel. Also anticipated to return are Giulia Guerrini (Natasha), Byron Barbieri (Ian), Francisco Basbus (Ron), twins Juan and Fernando Monzo (as themselves), Agustín  Pardella (Noda), and Mariel Percossi (Matrix). New cast members may also appear as new characters, in addition to them.

Secrets of Season 1 Recap

*Spoilers Ahead*

Season 1 follows Steffi reading a mysterious letter from her estranged mother about her father’s secret and arriving at Cielo Grande with her best friend and decides to participate in Summer Crush, a revived wakeboarding competition that her father used to attend. Steffi befriends Luz, a young volunteer who works at the resort as a photographer every summer. Luz is carrying a photograph of a young woman, and both girls discover they are connected. Meanwhile, Luz starts dating Tony, while Julian, her childhood friend, finds love in Steffi.

Secrets of Summer Season 2
Credits: Netflix

The young couples and their friends want to rebuild and reopen Sky Vibes, the resort’s karaoke bar, and eventually start bonding with one another. Steffi’s father and brother, Ron, and Ian, arrive at the resort to see how she is doing. Steffi discovers that the woman in the photo is Luz’s mother, Cynthia, after doing some digging. It’s also revealed that the girls are biological sisters, and Cynthia was forced by her father Ron’s parents to leave Steffi with him. Following a series of violent encounters, the family reunites and begins preparing for the Summer Crush.

However, things take a turn for the worst when Steffi’s competitor Natasha comes and creates problems. Furthermore, the resort is in danger of closing due to debt, and the buddies are working tirelessly to save it. As the season comes to a close, Natasha wins Summer Crush by dubious means, prompting her to devise a scheme to retaliate against Steffi by contacting a strange guy named Oliver. Steffi decides to stay with her mother and Luz when the group eventually saves Cielo Grande. Finally, Nati develops feelings for Luz but keeps it a secret from her.

Secrets of Summer Season 2 Plot

Secrets of Summer Season 2
Credits: Netflix

Secrets of Summer Season 2 should startup where the first left off, revealing Natasha and Oliver’s motivations against Steffi and how the latter deals with them with Julian’s help. It may also show whether or not Luz learns about Nati’s feelings and how this affects their friendship. Furthermore, the prospect of Ron and Cynthia reconciling may be addressed.