5 Zodiac signs that are secretly romantic

zodiac signs that are secretly romantic
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Do you also like a long hug and a hot cup of coffee after a long day? Do you often want to express your love but are unable to? Is your partner upset that you are not a person of grand gestures? Who knew that your stars, planets and constellations all were at work and hence, you are not a total culprit?

Do you want to find out the reason why you can be a hopeless romantic but only secretly? Well the cat is out of the bag as we show you the signs who love hard but do not dare to show!


zodiac signs that are secretly romantic

Our January born superstars tend to have a magnetic aura. They can be brash, seem disconnected and still be the best of friends to have. A Capricorn is so charming that one wants to break their notions of romance just to have a bit of them in their life, but the catch here is: They are not romantic at all! At least not that they show. They are extremely caring and believe that soulmates exist out there and once found, life is becomes a better place to be. The can be extremely flirtatious and their gestures of care is their weapon. They are not really the cuddles and kisses person but would rather get you chocolates when you are low and make you coffee just so that you feel better.


zodiac signs that are secretly romantic

Pisceans use their stubbornness and fight with you for the last slice of pizza or convey their love for you using the weirdest songs with no useful lyrics whatsoever. Their love language is roasting and would be your biggest bully. One can find if they love you by the way they give you piercing eye contacts to see right through your soul. A rather tricky sign to be in love with, for sure with a Piscean the highs will be higher and lows will be the lowest.


zodiac signs that are secretly romantic

The calm December born are so sweet that their flirt language is the way they be sweet to you. Extremely kind, Sagittarius would get possessive when they love someone. They would not ask them directly but would show their disapproval with their little gestures that seem cute. A sign always known to put their side of the argument with utmost peace, a Sagittarius in love will be fiery and spice, they would go out of the way and even change themselves for you. A person cannot want more, can they?


zodiac signs that are secretly romantic

Aquarians are so on the edge of life that they want to be free, they want to live life to the fullest as if there is no tomorrow, but an Aquarius is a great flirt, they are scared of partners who can control, but the second they find someone who they love and who would enjoy life with them, they give everything to the person. An Aquarian making time from their schedule is the biggest symbol of their love and they tend to respect you when they are in love with you.


zodiac signs that are secretly romantic

Scorpio craves love and affection, they would do the mushiest gestures just to seek your attention. A Scorpio in love, can do opposite things to attract your attention, like be best friends with you and flirt with another just to get the surety if you like them back. The second they do, a new world to the charismatic aura of the sign opens up for you to delve into.

Disclaimer: All the personality traits mentioned above are generic and for reference purposes only. These are based on your zodiacal qualities and might or might not hold true for everyone.