Cow: Release date, trailer and more about the documentary


Of late, fans of documentaries have been in for a sweet treat given the fact that Netflix has streamed some of the best ones on the platform. From Tinder Swindler to American Murder: The Family Next Door, Netflix didn’t fail to surprise the audience with thrilling documentaries that were meant to take the audience by storm.

Now, Andrea Arnold is all set to bring out her next documentary after her last hit Fish Tank. This time it is, Cow. Yes, the name of the documentary is simply, Cow and no it’s not coming to Netflix. IFC films took the American distribution rights to this Andrea documentary after it was well received at the Cannes Film Festival. It has a long list of producers which includes Charlie Falconer, Maxyne Franklin, Rose Garnett, Kat Mansoor, Tessa Morgan, and Sandra Whipham. 

With the trailer being dropped by IFC Films, take a look at what all details are available regarding the upcoming project:


Cow Release Date

Cow is all set to come to VOD and theaters on April 8, 2022 in the US, as stated on IMDb.

Cow Trailer

The trailer gives spell bounding visuals of farms and lush green fields of English countryside where the cows are grazing on a calm day. Then comes a shot introducing a tiny calf, which supposedly is Luma, being fed with a baby feeder. And trust me, it is way too adorable. The way she kisses her mother portrays a wide range of emotions both for the viewers and the animal itself.

From there starts a journey of her growing up and becoming a dairy cow from the adorable little calf we saw initially. Aesthetics have been taken care of really nicely throughout the two minute video for example, scenic shots of dusk with the moon in ‘yet to be dark’ sky with Luma (most probably) in the foreground and cow watching the firework show at night. 

Cow - Official Trailer | HD | IFC Films

Cow Plot

The documentary follows Luma, a dairy cow from her very birth to all the aspects of her life including growing up, mating, birthing, milking and more. The film is a realistic portrayal of what all challenges constitute the life of this working animal. The film was shot in the span of seven years and beautifully shows the growth and circumstances she finds herself in. 

For the unversed, Andrea has by far made four full length films and one short film, all of which have been a massive success. Her short film, Wasp, was released in 2005 and won the Academy Award for Best Live Action Short Film. The first full length film, Read Road came out in 2006 and bagged Jury Prize at Cannes Film Festival and the BAFTA Carl Foreman Award. The second, Fish Tank won the Cannes Jury Prize in 2009 and BAFTA for Best British Film in 2010. Wuthering Heights was the third to her name and was premiered in Venice Film Festival of 2011. With American Honey, she bagged her third Cannes Jury Prize in 2016.