Serving Hot: Your ultimate guide to different types of coffee

Credits: Pexels

Are you also a coffee lover, but often end up waiting for a long time in front of a coffee shop, confused about what type of coffee to drink because you don’t actually know what content each coffee has, and which one is best suited for you. Well, we are here to solve this problem and provide you with an ultimate coffee guide.

To begin with, most of us want to know the difference between Arabica and Robusta coffee beans because both of them seem similar to us just the fact that they come in a different price range. Here’s the difference between the two.



These coffee beans are the most common and popular in North America. Farmed on higher elevations above sea level these coffee beans are quite acidic and sweeter in nature.


These coffee beans are common in Europe, Africa, and Middle East. Cheaper and stronger these coffee beans have a high caffeine content and are used in instant coffee beans.

Now that you know what Arabica and Robusta coffee beans are, you may want to dig deep and find the difference between the several types of coffees. Here you go.


Espresso shots are either served solo or used in the foundation of many other types of coffees. Made up of coffee beans and water espresso is something that would boost your energy as well as can lift your mood.

Black coffee


Also known as Café Noir, this coffee is made of coffee beans in hot water. As this coffee doesn’t contain any sugar or milk what matters here is the quality of coffee beans.

Flat white

This type of coffee is made up of espresso and steamed milk. This coffee has a higher proportion of coffee to milk and is, therefore, more velvety in nature. It can be compared to a latte but is usually in a smaller volume.



Made with thick foam and steamed milk, this type of coffee is one of the most preferred types. Good for your cholesterol and preventing stroke this coffee has the capability of being your favorite.

Mocha Frappe

This type of coffee is best suited for people with a sweet tooth. Made with milk, sugar, whipped cream, and chocolate mocha frappe can provide you instant energy and can also boost your mood.

Irish Coffee

Made with sugar, Irish whiskey, and thick cream this type of coffee has many health benefits including controlling diabetes, weight loss, heart problems, as well as many others. 



Made with espresso, steamed milk, and a touch of milk foam, the latte comes in many flavors like turmeric, beetroot, mushroom, vanilla, pumpkin spice, etc.


Consisting of a single or double shot of espresso, this type of coffee is brewed with added water. Its strength varies with the number of shots you add.

Iced coffee

This simplest type of coffee is typically served with a dash of cold milk and a sweetener. It is available in most coffee shops as well as grocery stores.